Stormcast Eternals – Thunderhead Brotherhood
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Warscroll Battalion

Thunderhead Brotherhood

 • 3 Liberators, Vindictors or Vanquishers units in any combination
 • 3 JUDICATORS or Vigilors units in any combination

Wrath of the Storm: The Stormcasts of the Warrior chambers overwhelm the foe with rank upon rank of Sigmar’s finest fighters, each acting in concert with their fellows to bring the wrath of the God-King down upon the unworthy.
Once per turn, in the combat phase, when it is your turn to pick a unit to fight, you can pick 2 eligible units in this battalion instead of 1. If you do so, each of those units can fight one after the other in the order of your choice.
Army List
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The JUDICATORS keyword is used in the following Stormcast Eternals warscrolls:

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