Stormcast Eternals – Lord Vorst’s Retinue

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Warscroll Battalion

Lord Vorst’s Retinue

The remnants of the Auric Lions warrior chamber have been battered and bloodied, but still they stand defiant. Led by their indomitable commander, the Lord-Imperatant Tyberain Vorst, these golden champions have already seen harsh fighting in the Era of the Beast.
 • 1 Lord-Imperatant (Tyberain Vorst)
 • 0-1 Knight-Arcanum (the Gale’s Eye)
 • 0-1 Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis (Cythain D’Amar)
 • 1-2 Vindictors units
 • 1-2 Vigilors units
All units have the HAMMERS OF SIGMAR keyword. The Lord-Imperatant, Knight-Arcanum and Knight-Vexillor in this battalion are Unique units.

Unbreakable: Lord Vorst and his personal retinue are incredibly stubborn and tenacious, even when measured against the high standards of the Hammers of Sigmar.
Units in this battalion have a 6+ ward. If a unit in this battalion is wholly within 6" of an objective, it has a 5+ ward instead of a 6+ ward.
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14.3 Wards
Some abilities allow you to roll a dice to negate a wound or mortal wound, or to allocate a wound or mortal wound to a unit other than the original target. Abilities of this type are referred to as wards, and the dice roll is referred to as a ward roll. Unless stated otherwise, the ward roll is made before the wound is allocated to the model in question. Up to 1 ward roll can be made for each wound or mortal wound, unless specified otherwise. If the ward roll is successful, the wound or mortal wound is negated and has no effect on the model. If a wound or mortal wound cannot be negated, you cannot make a ward roll for that wound or mortal wound.
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