Stormcast Eternals – Godsmaw’s Vanguard

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Warscroll Battalion

Godsmaw’s Vanguard

It is said that Brothgar Godsmaw’s appetite for food is exceeded only by the joy he finds in battle.Sometimes claimed by his fellow Stormcasts to have more in common with a grunta than a man, he laughs heartily as he strikes down his foes with punishing blows.
 • 1 Vanguard-Palladors unit
 • 0-2 Vanguard-Hunters units
 • 0-1 Aetherwings units
All units have the ASTRAL TEMPLARS keyword.

Beast Stalkers: The Astral Templars are experienced hunters of the most horrific creatures the Mortal Realms have to offer.
Units in this battalion cannot be picked when your opponent carries out a monstrous rampage.

The Godsmaw: It is claimed that the garrulous Brothgar Godsmaw once impressed an ogor with his appetite.
Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of the Pallador-Prime in this battalion.
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