Slaves to Darkness – Ruinbringer Warband
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Warscroll Battalion

Ruinbringer Warband

 • 1 unit chosen from the following list: Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount, Chaos Lord on Karkadrak
 • 4-8 units chosen in any combination from the following list: Chaos Knights, Chaos Chariots, Gorebeast Chariots, Chaos Marauder Horsemen

Unit Size: -      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Chaos Horde


Dark Cavalry: The charge of a Ruinbringer Warband can sweep away entire enemy formations.
Each time a unit from this battalion finishes a charge move, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 1" of that unit. If you do so, roll a dice. On a 2+, that enemy unit suffers D3 mortal wounds.
11.1 Charge Moves
When you attempt a charge with a unit, make a charge roll for the unit by rolling 2D6. You can then make a charge move with each model in that unit by moving the model a distance in inches that is equal to or less than the charge roll. The first model you move in a unit attempting a charge must finish the move within 1/2" of an enemy unit. If this is impossible, no models in the unit can make a charge move.

You do not have to pick a target for a charge attempt before making the charge roll.
Army List
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14.5 Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities cause mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were caused.

Mortal wounds caused while a unit is attacking are allocated at the same time as wounds caused by the unit’s attacks: after all of the unit’s attacks have been made. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated as soon as they are caused. Mortal wounds are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.
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