Cities of Sigmar – Freeguild Marshal on Griffon

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Freeguild Marshal on Griffon

A Freeguild Marshal mounted upon a noble griffon surveys the battlefield from on high. Identifying where their presence is most required, they descend like a speeding comet to lay waste to their enemies, inspiring their comrades with word and deed.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Sigmarite Runesword
Sigmarite Runesword1"53+3+-12
Sigmarite Greathammer
Sigmarite Greathammer1"33+3+-23
Freeguild Lance
Freeguild Lance2"43+3+-12
Razor Claws
Razor Claws2"4+3+-12
Deadly Beak
Deadly Beak2"23+3+-2
Wounds SufferedMoveRazor ClawsDeadly Beak
0-6 14" 64
7-912" 53
10-1210" 42
13+8" 31

Unit Size: 1      Points: 270
Battlefield Role: Leader, Behemoth
Notes: Single

A Freeguild Marshal on Griffon is armed with 1 of the following weapon options: Sigmarite Runesword; Sigmarite Greathammer; or Freeguild Lance.

MOUNT: This unit’s Griffon is armed with Razor Claws and a Deadly Beak.

FLY: This unit can fly.

Charging Lance: Expert cavalrymen one and all, Freeguild Marshals armed with lances can shatter an enemy line with their well-timed strikes.
If this unit made a charge move in the same turn, add 1 to the Damage characteristic of its Freeguild Lance and improve the Rend characteristic of its Freeguild Lance by 1.

Piercing Bloodroar: The shrill war cry of a mighty griffon can shatter the enemy's resolve.
When you carry out the Roar monstrous rampage with this unit, you can pick 2 enemy units within 3" of it instead of 1.

Tactical Acumen: Those Freeguild Marshals who have earned the right to ride a griffon into battle are not only skilled warriors but also possess shrewd tactical minds honed over many battles.
If this unit is included in a Cities of Sigmar army, once per battle, when orders are being given to HEROES, this unit can be given 2 orders instead of 1. Each order must be different.

11.1 Charge Moves
When you attempt a charge with a unit, make a charge roll for the unit by rolling 2D6. You can then make a charge move with each model in that unit by moving the model a distance in inches that is equal to or less than the charge roll. The first model you move in a unit attempting a charge must finish the move within 1/2" of an enemy unit. If this is impossible, no models in the unit can make a charge move.

You do not have to pick a target for a charge attempt before making the charge roll.

The ORDER keyword is used in the following Cities of Sigmar warscrolls:

The CITIES OF SIGMAR keyword is used in the following Cities of Sigmar warscrolls:

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9.4 Flying
If the warscroll used by a model says that it can fly, you can ignore other models and terrain features when you trace the path of its move across the battlefield (it flies over them). In addition, when a model that can fly starts or finishes a move on a terrain feature, instead of tracing its move across the battlefield, you can trace it ‘through the air’, as shown in the diagram below.

A flying model cannot finish a move on top of another model or finish a normal move, run or retreat within 3" of an enemy unit.

The FREEGUILD MARSHAL keyword is used in the following Cities of Sigmar warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
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