Cities of Sigmar – Castelite Formation

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Warscroll Battalion

Castelite Formation

With a shieldwall of heavy pavises planted into the mud, the soldiers of a Castelite Formation become a living stronghold, ready to withstand the brunt of the enemy assault and mete out retribution in turn.
 • 1-2 Fusil-Majors on Ogor Warhulks
 • 3 Freeguild Steelhelms or Freeguild Fusiliers units in any combination
 • 1 Ironweld Great Cannon

Hold Formation!: These soldiers have campaigned together from the moment they took the Coin Malleus, forming steadfast bonds in battle. Now they fight and die as one, and will hold the line with every ounce of strength they can muster.
When a unit in this battalion receives the Inspiring Presence command, roll a dice for each other unit in this battalion wholly within 12" of that unit. On a 4+, do not take battleshock tests in that phase for the unit being rolled for.
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15.1 Battleshock Tests
You must make a battleshock roll for each friendly unit that has to take a battleshock test. To make a battleshock roll, roll a dice and add the number of models in the unit that were slain in that turn to the roll. If the battleshock roll is greater than the unit’s Bravery characteristic, the battleshock test has been failed. If the test is failed, for each point by which the battleshock roll exceeds the unit’s Bravery characteristic, 1 model in that unit must flee. You decide which models flee. A model that flees is removed from play.

If a slain model is returned to its unit in the same turn that it is slain, it still counts as having been slain in that battle round for the purposes of battleshock tests.
Inspiring Presence
The stoic leaders of these mighty warriors never falter, inspiring their comrades to fight no matter the odds.
You can use this command ability at the start of the battleshock phase. The unit that receives the command does not have to take battleshock tests in that phase.

The TEMPEST’S EYE keyword is used in the following Cities of Sigmar warscrolls:

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