Orruk Warclans – Teef Rukk
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Warscroll Battalion

Teef Rukk

 • 1 Savage Big Boss
 • 2-5 Savage Big Stabbas units

Unit Size: -      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Big Rukk


We’re Da Best!: The Big Stabbas of a Teef Rukk are always looking to prove to their boss that they are killier than any of the other mobs in the warclan.
Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of melee weapons used by units from this battalion while they are wholly within 12" of the SAVAGE BIG BOSS from the same battalion.
13.1.2 Combat Attacks
When a friendly unit fights, you must make combat attacks with all of the melee weapons the models in the unit are armed with that they are allowed to use (including melee weapons used by the unit’s mounts, if there are any).

The target of a combat attack must be within a number of inches of the attacking model equal to the Range characteristic of the weapon being used to make the attack (the target does not have to be visible).

The SAVAGE BIG BOSS keyword is used in the following Orruk Warclans warscrolls:

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