Orruk Warclans – Dakkbad’s Brawl

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Warscroll Battalion

Dakkbad’s Brawl

The seething hordes of the Ironsunz have fully embraced the kunnin’ brutality of Gorkamorka. They seek nothing less than to become the greatest orruks that ever were. If they are not stopped, they just might succeed.
 • 1 Da Bossfist warscroll battalion
 • 1 Moggorz’s Rekrootin’ Krew warscroll battalion
 • 1 Orruk Warchanter
 • 1 Orruk Weirdnob Shaman
 • 1+ Brutefist, Gorefist, Ardfist, Weirdfist or Ironfist warscroll battalions in any combination
This battalion can only be taken as part of an Ironjawz army that is from the IRONSUNZ warclan.

Unit Size: -      Points: 120
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Boss Waaagh!: Dakkbad is able to channel and direct the Waaagh! energy generated by the Ironsunz under his command through his subordinate bosses and hangers-on.
Once per battle, if Dakkbad is on the battlefield, another ORRUK HERO from this battalion can use the Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability. This does not stop Dakkbad from using the Ironjawz Waaagh! command ability, but you cannot use the command ability more than once in the same combat phase.
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