Orruk Warclans – Savage Orruks
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Savage Orruks

Savage Orruks cross the battlefield as a howling tide of tattooed green flesh. As more of these frenzied greenskins mob together, the Waaagh! energy flowing through them grows stronger, until they become akin to a raging storm of primal destruction.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Savage Stikka
Savage Stikka2"24+4+-1

Unit Size: 10      Points: 130
Battlefield Role: Battleline
Base size: 32mm


This warscroll can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Brutal Rukk
 • Kunnin’ Rukk


A unit of Savage Orruks has any number of models. The unit is armed with one of the following weapon options: Chompa; or Savage Stikka.

SAVAGE BOSS: 1 model in this unit can be a Savage Boss. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that model’s Chompa or Savage Stikka.

SKULL THUMPER: 1 in every 10 models in this unit can be a Skull Thumper. Add 2 to charge rolls for a unit while it includes any Skull Thumpers.

BONE TOTEM BEARER: 1 in every 10 models in this unit can be a Bone Totem Bearer. Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of a unit while it includes any Bone Totem Bearers.


Spirit of Gorkamorka: Large groups of Bonesplitterz are soon filled by a primal battle lust that sees them strike with increased speed.
Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of melee weapons used by this unit while it has 15 or more models.

Bone Shield: The primitive shields carried by the Bonesplitterz offer increased protection in melee.
Add 1 to save rolls for attacks made with melee weapons that target this unit.

11.1 Charge Moves
When you attempt a charge with a unit, make a charge roll for the unit by rolling 2D6. You can then make a charge move with each model in that unit by moving the model a distance in inches that is equal to or less than the charge roll. The first model you move in a unit attempting a charge must finish the move within 1/2" of an enemy unit. If this is impossible, no models in the unit can make a charge move.

You do not have to pick a target for a charge attempt before making the charge roll.
13.1.2 Combat Attacks
When a friendly unit fights, you must make combat attacks with all of the melee weapons the models in the unit are armed with that they are allowed to use (including melee weapons used by the unit’s mounts, if there are any).

The target of a combat attack must be within a number of inches of the attacking model equal to the Range characteristic of the weapon being used to make the attack (the target does not have to be visible).
Save Roll
Your opponent rolls a dice, modifying the roll by the attacking weapon’s Rend characteristic. If the roll equals or beats the target unit’s Save characteristic, the target is saved and the attack sequence ends. If not, the attack is successful and you must determine the damage that is inflicted on the target. An unmodified save roll of 1 always fails. A save roll cannot be modified by more than +1 (this is an exception to the principle that abilities take precedence over core rules).

Designer’s Note: Save rolls do not always succeed on an unmodified roll of 6, and they can be modified by more than -1.

The BONESPLITTERZ keyword is used in the following Orruk Warclans warscrolls:

• Wardokk
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