Soulblight Gravelords – Vyrkos Blood-born
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Vyrkos Blood-born

In the gloom-shrouded streets of Ulfenkarn, the Vyrkos Blood-born are never far away, stalking the shadows in search of prey. Once these vampiric fiends catch the scent of blood, they attack with savage ferocity and lightning speed.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Piercing Blade
Piercing Blade1"33+3+-1D3

Unit Size: 3      Points: 110
Battlefield Role: None
Base size: 32mm


A unit of Vyrkos Blood-born has any number of models, each armed with a Piercing Blade.


Shadowfast: Vyrkos Blood-born are able to dodge and deflect incoming blows with blurring speed.
Roll a dice each time you allocate a wound or mortal wound to this unit. On a 5+, that wound or mortal wound is negated.

14.5 Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities cause mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were caused.

Mortal wounds caused while a unit is attacking are allocated at the same time as wounds caused by the unit’s attacks: after all of the unit’s attacks have been made. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated as soon as they are caused. Mortal wounds are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.

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14.1 Allocating Wounds
Wounds are allocated to the models in a unit 1 wound at a time. You can allocate the wounds caused to your units as you see fit. However, once you have allocated a wound to a model, you cannot allocate wounds to other models in the unit until that model is slain (see 14.2). If a unit is destroyed, all wounds that remain to be allocated to the unit are negated and have no effect.
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