Soulblight Gravelords – Deadwalker Zombies

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Deadwalker Zombies

Deadwalker Zombies are the resurrected corpses of the recently slain. Though individually weak, in great numbers, they can overwhelm even the mightiest warriors – and those whom they slay are liable to rise as Deadwalkers themselves.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Crude Weapons and Infectious Bites
Crude Weapons and Infectious Bites1"25+4+-1

Unit Size: 20      Points: 150
Battlefield Role: Battleline
Base size: 25mm

Each model in a Deadwalker Zombies unit is armed with Crude Weapons and Infectious Bites.

BATTALIONS: This warscroll can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Deathstench Drove

Dragged Down and Torn Apart: Though Deadwalker Zombies are clumsy and slow, they are relentless on the attack.
Each time a model in this unit is slain by an attack made with a melee weapon, if that model is within 3" of the attacking unit, roll a dice. On a 5+, the attacking unit suffers 1 mortal wound.

The Newly Dead: Those who fall to a Deadwalker’s bite often come to join the unliving horde.
At the end of the combat phase, you can roll a dice for each enemy model that was slain by wounds caused by this unit’s attacks in that phase. For each 2+, you can add 1 Deadwalker Zombie model to this unit. Models that are added to this unit with this ability must be set up within 1" of a model in this unit. They can only be set up within 3" of an enemy unit if a model in this unit is already within 3" of that enemy unit. Models added to this unit using this ability can take it above its maximum size.

14.5 Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities cause mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were caused.

Mortal wounds caused while a unit is attacking are allocated at the same time as wounds caused by the unit’s attacks: after all of the unit’s attacks have been made. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated as soon as they are caused. Mortal wounds are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.

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