Nighthaunt – Chainguard
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Warscroll Battalion


For many Nighthaunt processions the Chainguard form the centre of their assault – a mainstay formation around which the rest of the army manoeuvres. While the foe is pinned in place fighting the ever-returning Chainrasp Hordes, a wise spectral commander can ensure they seize the initiative with any number of counter-attacks.
A Chainguard battalion consists of the following units:
 • 1 Guardian of Souls
 • 2 Chainrasp Hordes*
* Each Chainrasp Horde must contain at least 20 models.

Unit Size: -      Points: 120
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Nighthaunt Procession
 • The Emerald Host


The Heart of the Horde: The cursed souls of the Chainguard are eternally bound to the will of the Guardian of Souls that accompanies them, and are drawn inexorably to the magic he wields.
Each time a CHAINRASP HORDE from this battalion is affected by a Spectral Lure or Temporal Translocation spell cast by this battalion’s GUARDIAN OF SOULS, you can return D6 slain models to that unit (in addition to any models returned to the unit by the Spectral Lure spell).

The GUARDIAN OF SOULS keyword is used in the following Nighthaunt warscrolls:


The CHAINRASP HORDE keyword is used in the following Nighthaunt warscrolls:

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