Maggotkin of Nurgle – Plague Cyst
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Warscroll Battalion

Plague Cyst

The warriors of a Plague Cyst are as direct and aggressive as their lord. They view their enemies as little more than living sacks of meat and fluids, waiting to be split open and strewn as plague-fertiliser across the battlefields of the Mortal Realms.
A Plague Cyst consists of the following units:
 • 1 Lord of Plagues
 • 3-6 units of Putrid Blightkings
 • 0-1 Sorcerer
 • 0-1 Harbinger of Decay

Unit Size: -      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • The Blessed Sons


Master of Slaughter: Re-roll all failed hit rolls for units from this battalion that are affected by the Wanton Slaughter ability of this battalion’s Lord of Plagues, instead of only re-rolling hit rolls of 1.

Horribly Contagious: In your hero phase, roll a dice for each enemy unit within 3" of any units from this battalion. On a 6+ the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds.
Hit Roll
Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking weapon’s To Hit characteristic, the attack scores a hit and you must make a wound roll. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. An unmodified hit roll of 1 always fails and an unmodified hit roll of 6 always hits. A hit roll cannot be modified by more than +1 or -1 (this is an exception to the principle that abilities take precedence over core rules).

Sometimes an ability will allow a single hit roll to score two or more hits. If this is the case, make all of the wound and save rolls for those hits at the same time.
14.5 Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities cause mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were caused.

Mortal wounds caused while a unit is attacking are allocated at the same time as wounds caused by the unit’s attacks: after all of the unit’s attacks have been made. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated as soon as they are caused. Mortal wounds are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.
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