Maggotkin of Nurgle – Feculent Gnarlmaw

This warscroll does not meet the selection criteria (see Settings tab).

Feculent Gnarlmaw

Wherever Nurgle’s armies gather, Feculent Gnarlmaws take root. These disgusting trees ring with the tolling of entropic chimes, and shed rot-wet blossom to carpet the befouled earth beneath their boughs.

Unit Size: -      Points: 0
Battlefield Role: Faction Terrain Feature
Base size: Use model

FACTION TERRAIN: Only Maggotkin of Nurgle armies can include this faction terrain feature.

SET-UP: After territories are determined, you can set up this faction terrain feature wholly within your territory and more than 3" from all objectives, other terrain features, endless spells and invocations. If both players can set up faction terrain features at the same time, they must roll off and the winner chooses who sets up their faction terrain features first.

IMPASSABLE: You cannot move a model over this terrain feature unless it can fly, and you cannot move a model onto this terrain feature or set up a model on this terrain feature (even if it can fly).

SPREADING DISEASE: This faction terrain feature can never be set up within 7" of another Feculent Gnarlmaw or within 3" of an objective or other terrain feature.

UPROOT: If this terrain feature is affected by a rule that says you cannot use the scenery rules on its warscroll for the rest of the battle, remove this terrain feature from play instead.

Encroaching Corruption: After a Feculent Gnarlmaw first emerges, its roots start to spread through the ground until they corrupt the landscape all around them.
This terrain feature is treated as a friendly unit with the MAGGOTKIN OF NURGLE keyword for the purposes of the Diseased battle trait. In addition, at the start of your hero phase, you receive 1 extra contagion point for each Feculent Gnarlmaw in your army that is on the battlefield and has no enemy models within 3" of it.

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9.4 Flying
If the warscroll used by a model says that it can fly, you can ignore other models and terrain features when you trace the path of its move across the battlefield (it flies over them). In addition, when a model that can fly starts or finishes a move on a terrain feature, instead of tracing its move across the battlefield, you can trace it ‘through the air’, as shown in the diagram below.

A flying model cannot finish a move on top of another model or finish a normal move, run or retreat within 3" of an enemy unit.
1.5.3 Rolling Off
Sometimes a rule may require the players to roll off. To roll off, each player rolls a dice, and whoever rolls highest wins. If a roll-off is tied, roll off again. You cannot re-roll or modify the dice when you roll off.
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