Legiones Astartes – Praetorian Breacher Squad

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The Ultramarines Legion places a high value on the deployment of shieldequipped units, and aside from the standard Legion Breacher squads commonly fielded across the Legiones Astartes, the elite Praetorian Breacher squads of the XIIIth Legion are further equipped with power weapons, eschewing the ranged power of the bolter for lethality in close combat. Praetorian Breacher squads are often assigned to shipboard security detail on-board the most precious ships in the Legion’s fleet and used in rapid counterboarding actions to repel enemy incursions. In ground operations the Praetorian Breachers form the speartip of Legion Breacher formations and act as the anvil upon which the enemy will be pinned in order for the mobile elements of the Legion to outmanoeuvre and destroy them. Relentless in their advance and immovable in defence, the veteran Legionaries of the Praetorian Breacher squads have won countless laurels that honour their skill in close quarters warfare battle doctrines and it is customary for many of their number to rise to the vaunted ranks of the Invictarus Suzerains.

  • Praetorian Breacher Squad 135 pts
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Base
Praetorian (base: 32mm)
Praetorian 7 5 4 4 4 2 4 1 8 3+ 32mm
Praetorian Primus (base: 32mm)
Praetorian Primus 7 5 4 4 4 2 4 2 8 3+ 32mm
Unit Composition
  • 4 Praetorians
  • 1 Praetorian Primus
  • Power sword
  • Bolt pistol
  • Boarding shield
  • Frag grenades
  • Krak grenades
  • Power armour
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Legiones Astartes (Ultramarines)
  • Chosen Warriors
  • Hammer of Wrath (1)
Dedicated Transport
  • The Praetorian Breacher Squad may include:
  • - Up to 5 additional Praetorians
    +22 points per model
  • One Praetorian may take:
  • - Nuncio-vox
    +10 points
  • One Praetorian may take:
  • - Legion vexilla
    +10 points
  • For every five models in the unit, one Praetorian may exchange his power sword for a:
  • - Legatine axe
    +10 points each
  • The Praetorian Primus may exchange his power sword for one of the following:
  • - Power fist
    +15 points
  • - Legatine axe
    +5 points
  • The Praetorian Primus may exchange his bolt pistol for a:
  • - Plasma pistol
    +10 points
  • The Praetorian Primus may exchange his power armour for artificer armour
    +10 points
Melee Type
Weapons with the Melee type can only be used in close combat.

This weapon is very large, and more than a little clumsy, making swift blows all but impossible to achieve.

A model attacking with this weapon Piles-in and fights at Initiative step 1, unless it has the Dreadnought Unit Type or Monstrous sub-type.
Specialist Weapon

The mightiest weapons only reach their full potential when wielded in pairs, as they require an entirely different battle stance from that of more commonplace weapons.

A model fighting with this weapon does not receive +1 Attack for fighting with two weapons unless it is armed with two or more Melee weapons with the Specialist Weapon rule. The additional weapon does not have to be the same weapon as the one used to attack, but it must have the Specialist Weapon rule in order to grant an additional Attack for fighting with two weapons.
Rending (X)

Some weapons can inflict critical strikes against which no armour can protect.

If a model has the Rending special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has the Rending special rule, there is a chance that their close combat attacks will strike a critical blow. For each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed, the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. The controlling player may choose to resolve these Wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value.

Similarly, if a model makes a Shooting Attack with a weapon that has the Rending special rule, a To Wound roll of equal to or greater than the listed value wounds automatically, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2.

In either case, against Vehicles each Armour Penetration roll of equal to or greater than the listed value allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result added to the total Strength of the attack. These Hits are not resolved at AP 2, but are instead resolved using the weapon’s AP value.

For example, a model with the Rending (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound against a non-Vehicle model will wound automatically on the roll of a 5+, and the attacking player has the choice of using an AP value of 2 instead of the AP value of their weapon.
Legion Vexilla

The humble vexilla displays the heraldry of a particular squad, proclaiming not only its designation in the Legion but also its proud legacy in the annals of the Great Crusade.

A unit that includes at least one model with a Legion vexilla adds +1 to the Wounds score used to determine if they win a Combat in the Assault phase. In addition, a unit that includes at least one model with a Legion vexilla may, before any dice are rolled to determine Fall Back distance, choose to Fall Back only a distance equal to the roll of a D6 instead of 2D6 (or 3D6 if a Cavalry unit), and if forced to move off the edge of the battlefield will instead stop moving, with any model that would have moved off of the battlefield ending its Fall Back move prematurely when it reaches 1" from the edge of the battlefield.

A nuncio-vox is a beacon and communications array that allows constant co-ordination with other elements of an army – be they in a neighbouring region or in orbit high overhead. This allows precision reinforcements to be deployed nearby and strikes to be targeted with deadly accuracy.

While at least one model with a nuncio-vox is present on the battlefield and not Embarked in a Vehicle or Building, the controlling player may re-roll any Scatter rolls made (whether as part of a weapon attack or the deployment of a model or unit), as long as the model with the nuncio-vox has line of sight to the unit targeted by the attack or the point chosen as the target of the deployment. In addition, a unit that includes at least one model with a nuncio-vox ignores the -1 penalty to Leadership imposed by the Night Fighting rules.
Gets Hot

Some weapons are fuelled by unstable power sources and risk overheating with each shot – often to the detriment of their wielder.

When firing a weapon that Gets Hot, roll To Hit as normal. For each unmodified To Hit roll of 1, the firing model immediately suffers a single Wound with an AP value equal to that of the weapon that was used to attack (Armour Saves, Invulnerable Saves and Feel No Pain rolls can be taken, but not Cover Saves or Shrouded rolls) – this Wound cannot be allocated to any other model in the unit. A Vehicle instead rolls a D6 for each roll of a 1 To Hit. If this roll results in a 1 or 2, the Vehicle suffers a Glancing Hit.
Breaching (X)

Some weapons are capable of breaching armour with a terrifying ease, whether by specially designed munitions, careful targeting or sheer brute power.

When rolling To Wound for a model that has the Breaching (X) special rule, or is attacking with a weapon that has the Breaching (X) special rule, for each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed in brackets, the controlling player must resolve these wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value. This rule has no effect on models that do not have Wounds, such as models with the Vehicle Unit Type.

For example, a model with the Breaching (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound and rolls a result of ‘5’ or higher, the Wound inflicted gains an AP of ‘2’ regardless of the AP value listed on the weapon’s profile. Note that a weapon that has both the Breaching (X) and the Gets Hot special rules always uses the base AP of the weapon when rolls of ‘1’ To Hit inflict Wounds on the attacking model.

The ancient volkite weaponry employed by the armies of Terra in the earliest years of the Great Crusade fired arcing blasts of energy rather than solid projectiles.

After normal attacks by this weapon have been resolved, count the number of unsaved Wounds caused on the target unit. Immediately resolve a number of additional automatic Hits on the same unit using the weapon’s profile equal to the number of unsaved Wounds – these can then be saved normally. Models in the targeted unit must still be in range in order for these additional Hits to take effect. These additional Hits do not themselves inflict more Hits and do not benefit from any other special rules possessed by the attacking model, such as Preferred Enemy (X) or Precision Strikes (X).
Pistol Weapons

Pistols are light enough to be carried and fired one-handed.

A model attacking with a Pistol weapon makes the number of Attacks indicated on its profile regardless of whether the bearer has moved or not. A model carrying a Pistol weapon can make a Shooting Attack with it in the Shooting phase and still Charge in the Assault phase. A Pistol weapon also counts as a close combat weapon in the Assault phase. In addition, all models with two Pistol type weapons can attack with both in the same Shooting phase. This follows the normal rules for shooting.

Volkite serpenta10"55Pistol 2, Deflagrate
Power fist

Power fist
Melee, Unwieldy, Specialist Weapon

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Bolt pistol

Bolt pistol
Pistol 1

Frag Grenades

This class of grenade contains only a small explosive charge, and is intended primarily to disorientate and distract the foe while closing on a fixed position.

A unit that includes at least one model with frag grenades makes attacks at its normal Initiative Step during an Assault after it has successfully Charged through Difficult Terrain or Dangerous Terrain, but still suffers any penalties to Charge rolls imposed by Difficult Terrain or Dangerous Terrain when resolving a Charge through Difficult Terrain or Dangerous Terrain.
Krak Grenades

This class of grenade encompasses a variety of shaped charges, plasma detonators and crude bombs, all intended to disable armoured vehicles.

The controlling player may choose to have a model with krak grenades that is Engaged or otherwise in base contact during the Assault phase with a Building or Fortification, or a model with the Vehicle, Dreadnought or Automata Unit Type, inflict one automatic Str 6, AP 3 Hit on the target in Initiative Step 1 instead of attacking normally. Any model in a unit that is chosen to inflict Hits using krak grenades may not otherwise attack or make use of any other special rule or item of Wargear that inflicts Hits or Wounds on a model in the same Assault phase (but may participate in Sweeping Advances as normal).
Power Armour

Made from high grade composite armour plating over an augmenting musculature of electro-fibre bundles, power armour features its own energy systems, sensors and environmental seals. Legiones Astartes power armour is the signature wargear of the Space Marine Legions and subject to an on-going evolution in design stretching back to the Thunder Warriors of the Unification Wars of Old Earth, fused with the wisdom of the Mechanicum of Mars and technological relics recovered over the years of the Great Crusade. At the outset of the Horus Heresy, the most common patterns employed by the Legions are the ‘Crusade’ and ‘Maximus’ types, with the ‘Iron’ pattern favoured for siege and close assault work, although there are considerable customised panoplies and many other Legion-specific sub-patterns in service.

Power armour provides a 3+ Armour Save.
Plasma pistol

Plasma pistol
Pistol 1, Breaching (4+), Gets Hot

Artificer Armour

Forged by the master craftsmen of the Mechanicum, these superior variations of power armour are often highly embellished with ciphers of strength and durability, while some of wildly differing designs are far older than the present age and owe their origins to the forgotten zenith of human technological might.

Artificer armour confers a 2+ Armour Save.
Combat Shields & Boarding Shields

A combat shield is a wrist mounted shield or buckler containing a small field generator that enables it to withstand great amounts of damage, while boarding shields are larger, bulkier versions of the same.

Combat shields confer a 6+ Invulnerable Save, boarding shields confer a 5+ Invulnerable Save, but a model with a boarding shield cannot claim bonus attacks for having more than one melee weapon, or make attacks during the Assault phase using a weapon with the Two-handed special rule.

Invulnerable Saves granted by a combat shield or boarding shield do not stack with other Invulnerable Saves, but can benefit from rules (like cyber-familiar) that specifically increase existing saves. If a model has another Invulnerable Save then the controlling player must choose which one to use.
Hammer of Wrath (X)

Many warriors hurl themselves headlong into combat, seeking to crush or trample the foe.

If a model with this special rule ends its Charge Move in base contact with an enemy model, it makes a number of additional attacks equal to the value in brackets listed as part of this special rule. These attacks hit automatically and are resolved at the model’s unmodified Strength with AP-. These attacks do not benefit from any of the model’s special rules (such as Furious Charge, Rending, etc.). These attacks are resolved during the Fight sub-phase at Initiative step 10, but do not grant the model an additional Pile-in Move.

If a model with this special rule Charges a Vehicle of any kind or a Building, the hits are resolved against the Armour Value of the Facing the charging model is touching. If the model is in contact with two or more Facings, the player controlling the target model chooses a Facing upon which the attacks are resolved. If a model with this special rule Charges a Building or Vehicle that is a Transport, the hits are resolved against the Building or Vehicle, not the unit Embarked within the Building or Vehicle.
Chosen Warriors

Trusted lieutenants or paragons of martial virtue, these warriors let no challenge go unanswered in the heat of battle.

A model with this special rule may issue and accept Challenges as if it had the Character type. Note that this does not allow a model with this special rule to use any other special rules associated with the Character type.
Power sword

Power sword
Melee, Rending (6+)

Legiones Astartes (Ultramarines)
All models with this special rule are subject to the following provisions:

When rolling To Hit for a model with this special rule as part of a Shooting Attack, add +1 to the result of the roll if the enemy unit targeted by the attack has already been the target of another friendly unit composed entirely of models with this special rule in the same Shooting phase, and if the attacking model is within 6" of a model from that friendly unit. This does not affect attacks made with the Blast or Barrage special rules.

The Arsenals of Ultramar
Models with this special rule gain access to unique Wargear options (see Armoury of the Ultramarines).

Lords of the 500 Worlds
A Warlord with this special rule may select a Warlord Trait from the Ultramarines Warlord Trait list.
Legatine axe

Legatine axe

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