Legiones Astartes – Legion Fire Raptor Gunship

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A variant of the Storm Eagle, the Fire Raptor gunship was created with the aim of providing overwhelming aerial firepower to Legiones Astartes assault forces. These relentless craft can reduce any attacking force to ruin in a devastating rain of bolt shells and high explosive rockets, and are in use amongst virtually every one of the Legions.

In addition to twin nose mounted Avenger bolt cannon and an array of rockets or missiles, the Fire Raptor replaces the capacious transport bay of the Storm Eagle with ammunition and targeting cogitators for two independent ballturrets. Each of these sophisticated turrets is equipped with a gyroscopic array and crewed by a dedicated Space Marine gunner, allowing each to strike separate targets with pinpoint precision even while the gunship moves at flank speed.

The Fire Raptor first gained renown during the campaigns against the Orks that infested many of the systems now claimed by the Emperor. The ferocious firepower of these craft proved pivotal on numerous engagements, reducing wave after wave of Ork warriors to bloody ruin.

  • Legion Fire Raptor Gunship 280 pts
Armour Transport Capacity
M BS Front Side Rear HP Base
Legion Fire Raptor (base: 120 x 92mm flying base)
Legion Fire Raptor 18 4 12 12 12 4 - 120 x 92mm flying base
Unit Composition
  • 1 Legion Fire Raptor Gunship
  • Hull (Front) Mounted twin-linked Avenger bolt cannon
  • Two Sponson Mounted Gravis heavy bolter batteries
  • Four Hull (Front) Mounted tempest rockets
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Legiones Astartes (X)
  • Power of the Machine Spirit
  • Deep Strike
  • Strafing Run (1)
  • A Legion Fire Raptor Gunship may exchange both its Gravis heavy bolter batteries for:
  • - Two Sponson Mounted Gravis autocannon batteries
    +15 points
  • A Legion Fire Raptor Gunship may exchange all of its tempest rockets for the following:
  • - Four Hull (Front) Mounted hellstrike missiles
    +20 points

These weapons are grafted to the same targeting system for greater accuracy.

When attacking with a weapon that has this special rule, the controlling player may re-roll all failed To Hit rolls.
Rending (X)

Some weapons can inflict critical strikes against which no armour can protect.

If a model has the Rending special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has the Rending special rule, there is a chance that their close combat attacks will strike a critical blow. For each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed, the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. The controlling player may choose to resolve these Wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value.

Similarly, if a model makes a Shooting Attack with a weapon that has the Rending special rule, a To Wound roll of equal to or greater than the listed value wounds automatically, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2.

In either case, against Vehicles each Armour Penetration roll of equal to or greater than the listed value allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result added to the total Strength of the attack. These Hits are not resolved at AP 2, but are instead resolved using the weapon’s AP value.

For example, a model with the Rending (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound against a non-Vehicle model will wound automatically on the roll of a 5+, and the attacking player has the choice of using an AP value of 2 instead of the AP value of their weapon.
Legiones Astartes (X)

The Space Marines of the Emperor’s Legions are genetically engineered, psycho-indoctrinated warriors with superhuman abilities, and minds and souls tempered for war. Each of the Legions has its own idiosyncrasies and character – the product of their gene-seed and the unique warrior cultures fostered by their masters.

Any unit with this special rule will have a number of additional special rules and abilities specific to their ‘named’ Legion, all of which will be defined in other Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness publications. A Space Marine unit may only have one such ‘named’ rule, e.g., Legiones Astartes (Sons of Horus). Space Marine units from a different Legion may only be included in an army using an Allied Detachment and in conjunction with the Allies in the Age of Darkness chart.
Heavy Weapons

These are heavy, man-portable weapons that typically require reloading between each shot or bracing to counter their recoil.

When making a Shooting Attack, a model with a Heavy weapon attacks the number of times indicated. If a model equipped with a Heavy weapon moved in the preceding Movement phase, they can only make Snap Shots with that Heavy weapon during the Shooting phase. Note that weapons with the Blast special rule cannot fire Snap Shots. Models that make Shooting Attacks with Heavy weapons in the Shooting phase cannot Charge in the ensuing Assault phase.

Reaper autocannon36"74Heavy 2, Rending (6+), Twin-linked
One Use/One Shot

Certain items can only be used once, so a general must choose wisely when to do so.

A weapon or ability with this special rule can only be used once during the course of a battle. Once a weapon with the One Use or One Shot special rule has been used to attack, it is no longer counted as a weapon and may not be destroyed (for example, by rolls on the Vehicle Damage table) or repaired by any other rule or effect.
Army List
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Some weapons strike with enough force to make a mockery of anything except the most reinforced of armoured shells.

Attacks with this special rule may re-roll failed Armour Penetration rolls against Vehicles and Buildings (both with Shooting Attacks and in close combat) and re-roll Glancing Hits, in an attempt to instead get a Penetrating Hit, but the second result must be kept.
Gravis heavy bolter battery

Gravis heavy bolter battery
Heavy 8, Twin-linked

Weapon Mounts
Hull (Arc) Mounted – Hull (Arc) Mounted weapons will always specify a single Firing Arc and may only fire at targets in that Firing Arc. The different Hull arcs are: Front, Rear, Left and Right. Some units may specify Side as an arc – this means both Left and Right arcs.

For example, a Legion Land Raider Proteus has a Hull (Front) Mounted Heavy Bolter – this weapon may only fire at targets in the Front Firing Arc.

Turret Mounted – Turret Mounted weapons may fire at targets in any Hull arc (Front, Side or Rear) without restriction.

Centreline Mounted – Centreline Mounted weapons may only fire at targets in the Centreline Firing Arc.

Sponson Mounted – Sponson Mounted weapons are usually mounted in pairs, one on each side of a Vehicle (the Vehicle’s profile will note if this is not the case) and fire into the appropriate Sponson Firing Arc (either left or right). If the target of a Vehicle’s Shooting Attack is within the Firing Arc for only one of a pair of Sponson weapons, then the out of arc weapon may be fired at another enemy unit of the controlling player’s choice. This Secondary Target must be in the weapon’s line of sight and Firing Arc, but may be from a different unit than the original target.

Pintle Mounted – Pintle Mounted weapons may fire at targets in any Firing Arc without restriction, but are always counted as Defensive weapons regardless of the weapon type or its statistics.
Deep Strike

Some units make their way to battle via tunnelling, teleportation, flying, or some other extraordinary means which allows them to appear in the thick of the fighting.

A unit made up entirely of models with this special rule may perform a Deep Strike Assault. Certain Faction or unit special rules may present other options for the deployment of units with the Deep Strike special rule.
Tempest rocket

Tempest rocket
Heavy 1, Sunder, One Shot

Power of the Machine Spirit

The interface between this vehicle’s advanced machine spirit and its fire control mechanisms allows the crew to target foes with incredible accuracy.

A Vehicle with this special rule may attack different targets with each Ranged weapon it is permitted to fire during any Shooting Attack.
Avenger bolt cannon

Avenger bolt cannon
Heavy 7

Strafing Run (X)

This vehicle is designed as a ground attack craft, the spread and convergence distance of its weapons keyed to maximise carnage on the foes below.

When making a Shooting Attack at any unit without the Flyer sub-type, this Vehicle increases its Ballistic Skill by the value indicated as part of the special rule. For example, a Vehicle with the Strafing Run (2) special rule would increase the model’s Ballistic Skill by +2 when making Shooting Attacks targeting any unit without the Flyer sub-type.
Gravis autocannon battery

Gravis autocannon battery
Heavy 4, Rending (6+), Twin-linked

Hellstrike missile

Hellstrike missile
Heavy 1, Sunder, One Shot

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