Legiones Astartes – Legion Dreadclaw Drop Pod

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The Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod was initially designed to insert Legion Space Marine boarding forces onto enemy void-craft in the midst of battle. As such they have a minimal profile and a heavily armoured hull designed to survive weapons fire from smaller ship-based close defence weaponry, while a series of melta cutters allow them to slice through a ship’s outer hull and deliver their cargo into the heart of a vessel.

Unlike some earlier boarding craft, which were incapable of returning their cargo, the Dreadclaw is also fully capable of operating as an independent dropship. Indeed, many Legions favour using the Dreadclaw in this role instead of the more common Storm Eagle, dropping from the sky like a flaming comet and employing the craft’s thermal jets and melta cutters to scorch the landing zone clean before disembarking the assault troops contained within. Though lacking in any subtlety or elegance, this tactic is undeniably effective, and many crews have developed a dark notoriety for their skill at reckless low altitude strafing runs, leaving great swathes of the enemy’s lines aflame with each pass.

  • Legion Dreadclaw Drop Pod pts
Armour Transport Capacity
M BS Front Side Rear HP Base
Legion Dreadclaw (base: 120 x 92mm flying base)
Legion Dreadclaw 15 4 12 12 12 3 12 120 x 92mm flying base
Unit Composition
  • 1 Legion Dreadclaw Drop Pod
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Legiones Astartes (X)
  • Deep Strike
  • Dreadnought Transport
  • Inertial Guidance System
  • Heat Blast
Access Points
  • The entire hull of the Legion Dreadclaw Drop Pod is counted as an Access Point.
Legiones Astartes (X)

The Space Marines of the Emperor’s Legions are genetically engineered, psycho-indoctrinated warriors with superhuman abilities, and minds and souls tempered for war. Each of the Legions has its own idiosyncrasies and character – the product of their gene-seed and the unique warrior cultures fostered by their masters.

Any unit with this special rule will have a number of additional special rules and abilities specific to their ‘named’ Legion, all of which will be defined in other Horus Heresy – Age of Darkness publications. A Space Marine unit may only have one such ‘named’ rule, e.g., Legiones Astartes (Sons of Horus). Space Marine units from a different Legion may only be included in an army using an Allied Detachment and in conjunction with the Allies in the Age of Darkness chart.
Army List
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Access Points
Each Vehicle capable of carrying passengers will have a number of Access Points defined in its entry. These are the doors, ramps and hatches that passengers use to get in and out of the Vehicle. Transports on flying bases also count the base as an Access Point.
Inertial Guidance System

Orbital strike vehicles often mount sophisticated sensors to aid them in avoiding obstacles as they streak towards the battlefield. Those assigned to orbital assaults must rely on these systems to see them to the surface, for, given the sheer speed of their descent, no human pilot could hope to bring them safely down.

When deployed as the first model placed during a Deep Strike Assault, or other deployment that requires a model with this special rule to scatter, the distance the model scatters is reduced by half and if it scatters into Impassable Terrain or off of the battlefield then it is moved the minimum distance required to avoid such obstacles. In addition, if all units included in a Deep Strike Assault have the Inertial Guidance System special rule or are models Embarked on a model with that special rule then any rolls made to determine if the Deep Strike Assault is Disordered may be re-rolled.
Deep Strike

Some units make their way to battle via tunnelling, teleportation, flying, or some other extraordinary means which allows them to appear in the thick of the fighting.

A unit made up entirely of models with this special rule may perform a Deep Strike Assault. Certain Faction or unit special rules may present other options for the deployment of units with the Deep Strike special rule.
Dreadnought Transport

Some transports are specially designed to allow the massive frames of Dreadnoughts to be transported into battle; from drop pods intended purely for the delivery of these armoured behemoths from orbit, to more versatile transports that can either ferry warriors or Dreadnoughts into the fires of war.

A model with this special rule may transport a single model with the Dreadnought Unit Type with no more than 8 Wounds instead of any other models. A Dreadnought model may not Embark upon a model with this special rule if any other models are already Embarked on it, and while a Dreadnought model is Embarked on a model with this special rule then no other models may Embark.
Heat Blast

Serving primarily to slow the descent of orbital strike craft, the thrusters of some such vehicles can also be used to scorch and burn enemy infantry. The most desperate or sadistic crews assigned to such craft often made use of this capability to reap a toll of the enemy, even after releasing their passengers into the heart of battle.

When a model with this special rule is deployed onto the battlefield using the Deep Strike special rule, and once all models arriving from Deep Strike in the same Phase have been placed in their final positions, but before any models Embarked on the model with this special rule have Disembarked, any models within 3+D3" (friendly or enemy) suffer a Str 6 AP 5 Hit (models with the Vehicle Unit Type are struck on the Armour facing with the lowest Armour Value, and this attack counts as an attack from a Flame weapon).

In addition, when moving in Hover mode, the controlling player may choose to inflict D6 Str 6 AP 5 Hits on any unit that a model with this special rule moves over. Any Wounds caused are allocated by the controller of the target unit, any models with the Vehicle Unit Type are struck on the Armour facing with the lowest Armour Value, and this attack counts as an attack from a Flame weapon. Once the model has finished moving, the controlling player must roll a D6 for each unit it has inflicted Hits upon using this special rule – any results of a ‘1’ inflict a Hull Point of damage on the model with this special rule.
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