Hedonites of Slaanesh – Myrmidesh Painbringers

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Myrmidesh Painbringers

The Myrmidesh are an elite warrior-cult who exemplify the pride of the Dark Prince. Each of their blade-sects considers their own favoured technique to be supreme, and on the rare occasions they are proven wrong, their spiteful rage is terrible to behold.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Wicked Scimitar
Wicked Scimitar1"33+3+-11

Unit Size: 5      Points: 130
Battlefield Role: None
Base size: 32mm
Notes: Battleline if general is a Lord of Pain or a Lord of Hubris

Each model in a Myrmidesh Painbringers unit is armed with a Wicked Scimitar.

BATTALIONS: This warscroll can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Nobles of Excess

CHAMPION: 1 model in this unit can be a Painmaster. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that model’s melee weapons.

Paragons of Battle: Myrmidesh Painbringers seek to prove their martial prowess in the battle’s bloodiest locations.
Add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target this unit while it is wholly within enemy territory or wholly within 12" of an objective that you do not control.

1.4.2 Your General
After you have picked your army, you must pick 1 model in your army to be your general. Generals are used to generate command points (see 6.0).
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Save Roll
Your opponent rolls a dice, modifying the roll by the attacking weapon’s Rend characteristic. If the roll equals or beats the target unit’s Save characteristic, the target is saved and the attack sequence ends. If not, the attack is successful and you must determine the damage that is inflicted on the target. An unmodified save roll of 1 always fails. A save roll cannot be modified by more than +1 (this is an exception to the principle that abilities take precedence over core rules).

Designer’s Note: Save rolls do not always succeed on an unmodified roll of 6, and they can be modified by more than -1.
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