Ogor Mawtribes – Tyrant’s Gutguard

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Warscroll Battalion

Tyrant’s Gutguard

Led by the hulking warlords known as Tyrants, Gutbuster warglutts are relentless forces of destruction that chew their way across the realms. Consisting of packs of fat-bellied ogors, smoke-belching cannons and blood-smeared shamans, they fight not for glory or ambition but simply to stuff their greedy mouths with fresh meat.
 • 1 Tyrant
 • 1-3 Ironguts units
 • 0-1 Bloodpelt Hunters
 • 0-2 Ironblasters

Unit Size: -      Points: 120
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion

The Mawpath: Armies scatter and kingdoms tremble as the ogors’ nomadic feast grinds relentlessly on.
At the start of your hero phase in the first battle round, each unit in this battalion can make a normal move of D6". Roll separately for each unit.

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8.1 Normal Move
When you pick a unit to make a normal move, you can move each model in that unit a distance in inches equal to or less than the Move characteristic shown on the unit’s warscroll. Units cannot move within 3" of enemy units when making a normal move. Units cannot make a normal move if they are within 3" of an enemy unit.
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