Idoneth Deepkin – Namarti Corps
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Warscroll Battalion

Namarti Corps

The Namarti are skilled warriors that form the backbone of the Idoneth Deepkin armies, with their corps counting for half the full strength of a phalanx. Each corps is led to battle by a Soulrender, who can revive the fallen to rejoin the battle.
A Namarti Corps consists of the following units:
 • 1 Isharann Soulrender
 • 2-6 units of Namarti Thralls
 • 2-4 units of Namarti Reavers

Unit Size: -      Points: 100
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Phalanx


Soul Bond: Ancient rituals of servitude are used to bind the Namarti to the Isharann Soulrender that leads them.
If the Isharann Soulrender from this battalion uses their Lurelight ability on a NAMARTI unit from this battalion, the D3 roll to determine how many models are returned to the Namarti unit is treated as being a roll of 3 (there is no need to roll the dice).

The NAMARTI keyword is used in the following Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls:

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