Idoneth Deepkin – Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers

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Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers

Lotann is the Warden of the Soul Ledgers, whose task it is to oversee the reaping of spirit-essences across the enclaves. Such is the force of Lotann’s willpower that nearby Idoneth fight with redoubled determination in his presence.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Bone Quill
Bone Quill1"13+4+-1
Tentacles and Hand Weapons
Tentacles and Hand Weapons3"83+4+-11

Unit Size: 1      Points: 110
Battlefield Role: Leader
Base size: 40mm
Notes: Single, Unique

Lotann, Warden of the Soul Ledgers, is armed with a Bone Quill.

COMPANION: This unit is accompanied by an Ochtar Familiar armed with Tentacles and Hand Weapons.

Catalogue of Souls: The Soul Wardens keep records of the souls that are harvested by the Phalanxes. Their presence in a battle encourages Idoneth warriors to fight all the harder, reminding them of the plight that awaits their race should they fail to fulfil their quota of spirit-essence.
Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made with melee weapons by friendly IDONETH DEEPKIN units wholly within 12" of this unit.

Gifts of the Depths: Such is the connection between the Isharann and the ethersea that they can constantly manipulate its currents to protect themselves from harm.
This unit has a ward of 5+.

Fount of Willpower: Such is Lotann’s obsessive commitment to his duty that his willpower bleeds out into the ethersea, a potent magical force that can be drawn upon to power the rituals of the Isharann.
Once per battle, if this unit is on the battlefield at the start of your hero phase, you can pick 1 ritual from the Isharann Rituals table and 1 friendly IDONETH DEEPKIN unit wholly within 12" of this unit. Until your next hero phase, the unit you picked is affected by that ritual in addition to any others it is affected by, even if the Tides of Death ability required for that ritual does not apply.

14.3 Wards
Some abilities allow you to roll a dice to negate a wound or mortal wound, or to allocate a wound or mortal wound to a unit other than the original target. Abilities of this type are referred to as wards, and the dice roll is referred to as a ward roll. Unless stated otherwise, the ward roll is made before the wound is allocated to the model in question. Up to 1 ward roll can be made for each wound or mortal wound, unless specified otherwise. If the ward roll is successful, the wound or mortal wound is negated and has no effect on the model. If a wound or mortal wound cannot be negated, you cannot make a ward roll for that wound or mortal wound.

The ISHARANN keyword is used in the following Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls:


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Wound Roll
Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking weapon’s To Wound characteristic, the attack wounds the target and your opponent must make a save roll. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. An unmodified wound roll of 1 always fails and an unmodified wound roll of 6 always wounds. A wound roll cannot be modified by more than +1 or -1 (this is an exception to the principle that abilities take precedence over core rules).
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