Idoneth Deepkin – Isharann Soulscryer

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Isharann Soulscryer

Soulscryers work their strange magics to navigate the utter darkness of the deep places. Their eldritch senses allow them to guide other Idoneth along hidden paths in the realms’ oceans and rivers, so that they can strike the foe from unexpected angles.
MISSILE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Spiked Jaws
Spiked Jaws12"82+4+-11
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg

Unit Size: 1      Points: 130
Battlefield Role: Leader
Base size: 32mm
Notes: Single

An Isharann Soulscryer is armed with a Finger-claw.

BATTALIONS: This warscroll can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Royal Council

COMPANION: This unit is accompanied by a shoal of Scryfish armed with Spiked Jaws.

Finder of Ways: Soulscryers are the Idoneth’s navigators, helping them divine hidden paths through the realmseas.
During deployment, instead of setting up this unit on the battlefield, you can place it to one side and say that it is travelling the ethersea as a reserve unit. If you do so, when you would set up a different IDONETH DEEPKIN unit during deployment, you can say that it is joining this unit travelling the ethersea as a reserve unit. Up to 2 units can join this unit in this way. At the end of your movement phase, you can set up this unit wholly within 6" of the battlefield edge and more than 9" from all enemy units. If you do so, set up all of the units that joined this unit wholly within 9" of this unit and more than 9" from all enemy units.

Gifts of the Depths: Such is the connection between the Isharann and the ethersea that they can constantly manipulate its currents to protect themselves from harm.
This unit has a ward of 5+.

14.3 Wards
Some abilities allow you to roll a dice to negate a wound or mortal wound, or to allocate a wound or mortal wound to a unit other than the original target. Abilities of this type are referred to as wards, and the dice roll is referred to as a ward roll. Unless stated otherwise, the ward roll is made before the wound is allocated to the model in question. Up to 1 ward roll can be made for each wound or mortal wound, unless specified otherwise. If the ward roll is successful, the wound or mortal wound is negated and has no effect on the model. If a wound or mortal wound cannot be negated, you cannot make a ward roll for that wound or mortal wound.

The ISHARANN keyword is used in the following Idoneth Deepkin warscrolls:


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3.1 Reserve Units and Summoned Units
Sometimes a rule will allow you to set up a unit in a location other than the battlefield as a reserve unit. A unit that is added to your army once the battle is underway is called a summoned unit.

When you set up a reserve unit, either during deployment or once the battle is underway, you must tell your opponent that the unit is in reserve and keep it to one side instead of placing it on the battlefield. At the start of the fourth battle round, units that are still in reserve are destroyed. Units cannot cast spells or use abilities while they are in reserve unless the spell or ability specifically says it can be used by reserve units.

Reserve units are picked as part of your army before the battle begins, while summoned units are units added to your army once the battle is underway. Models that have been removed from play can be used as part of a summoned unit.
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