Idoneth Deepkin – Elthwin’s Thorns

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Regiment of Renown

Elthwin’s Thorns

The soulpod grove in which Elthwin’s lamentiri was incubated was ransacked by ghouls and touched with maddening energies. Over time, the spirit-song that naturally envelops her fellow Sylvaneth has become torturously faint to Elthwin, and it is only the Arch-Revenant’s strength of will that has staved off insanity.
 • 1 Arch-Revenant (Leader)
 • 5 Gossamid Archers
If your army has an ORDER general but is not a Sylvaneth army, you can include this regiment of renown. If you do so, no other allied units can be included in your army. You can include this regiment of renown in your army even though its number of units and points value exceeds the amount allowed for allied units.

Gossamid Champion: Elthwin has fought alongside her Gossamid Archers innumerable times. Under her command, their arrows unerringly strike the weak points of their targets.
Add 1 to wound rolls for attacks made by the GOSSAMID ARCHERS unit in this regiment of renown while it is wholly within 12" of the ARCH-REVENANT in this regiment of renown.

Flight of the Zephyrspites: In their effort to return to Alarielle’s court, Elthwin’s Thorns are carried by swift and loyal Zephyrspites.
If the GOSSAMID ARCHERS unit in this regiment of renown is within 3" of the ARCH-REVENANT in this regiment of renown when you roll a 2+ to retreat using its Zephyrspites ability, instead of retreating, you can remove both units from the battlefield, then immediately set them up again so that the GOSSAMID ARCHERS unit is wholly within 3" of a terrain feature, the ARCH-REVENANT is wholly within 3" of the GOSSAMID ARCHERS unit, and both units are more than 9" from all enemy units.

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1.4.2 Your General
After you have picked your army, you must pick 1 model in your army to be your general. Generals are used to generate command points (see 6.0).
Wound Roll
Roll a dice. If the roll equals or beats the attacking weapon’s To Wound characteristic, the attack wounds the target and your opponent must make a save roll. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. An unmodified wound roll of 1 always fails and an unmodified wound roll of 6 always wounds. A wound roll cannot be modified by more than +1 or -1 (this is an exception to the principle that abilities take precedence over core rules).
8.2 Retreat
When you pick a unit to retreat, you can move each model in that unit a distance in inches equal to or less than the Move characteristic shown on the unit’s warscroll. The unit must end the move more than 3" from all enemy units. You cannot shoot or attempt a charge later in the turn with a unit that has retreated. Units cannot retreat if they are not within 3" of an enemy unit.
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