Unaligned Forces


BookKindEditionVersionLast update
  Legends: Unaligned Forces
  Legends: Unaligned ForcesDatasheet10August 2023
  Legends Field Manual
  Legends Field ManualExpansion101.1October 2023

Army Rules

Unaligned Forces

You can include UNALIGNED FORCES units in your army even if they do not have the Faction keyword you selected in the Select Army Faction step. The combined points value of UNALIGNED FORCES units you can include in your army depends on the battle size, as follows:
  • Incursion: Up to 250 pts
  • Strike Force: Up to 500 pts
  • Onslaught: Up to 1000 pts
No UNALIGNED FORCES models can be your WARLORD.

6. Select Warlord
Select one CHARACTER model from your army to be your Warlord – this will be the leader of your army – and make a note of this on your Army Roster. Your Warlord gains the WARLORD keyword.

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