Flesh-eater Courts – Marrowscroll Herald

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Marrowscroll Herald

Marrowscroll Heralds are senior delegates of the court, sent to deliver entreaties to the other nations of the realms. In doing so, they spread the curse of Ushoran far and wide, leaving in their wake desolation and madness.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Bone Scythe
Bone Scythe2"53+3+-12

Unit Size: 1      Points: 100
Battlefield Role: Leader
Notes: Single

A Marrowscroll Herald is armed with a Bone Scythe.

BATTALIONS: This warscroll can be used in the following warscroll battalions:
 • Abattoir
 • Mortevell’s Helcourt

The King’s Entreaty: The message carried by a Marrowscroll Herald is an entreaty to madness and carnage.
At the end of the charge phase, you can pick 1 enemy unit within 3" of this unit and say that this unit will offer it an infected bone. If you do so, your opponent must choose whether that enemy unit accepts or refuses the bone.

If it refuses, the strike-first effect applies to friendly FLESH-EATER COURTS units within 3" of this unit until the end of the following combat phase.

If it accepts, that enemy unit becomes infected. For the rest of the battle, roll 2D6 before an infected unit issues or receives a command, attempts to cast a spell, or chants a prayer. Make the roll before the action is carried out. If the roll is greater than that unit’s Bravery characteristic, that unit cannot perform that action in that phase.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Marrowscroll Heralds are viewed as divine messengers by their ghoulish minions, who will go to any lengths to protect them.
This unit is not visible to enemy models while it is wholly within 6" of 5 or more other friendly FLESH-EATER COURTS models.


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6.1 Using Command Abilities
To use a command ability, you must spend 1 command point, pick 1 friendly model to issue the command, and pick 1 friendly unit to receive the command. Unless noted otherwise, the models that can issue commands and the units they can issue them to are as follows:
  • Unit champions can issue commands to their own unit (see 22.3.2).
  • HEROES can issue commands to units that are wholly within 12" of them.
  • Generals can issue commands to units that are wholly within 18" of them.
  • TOTEMS can issue commands to units that are wholly within 18" of them.
Each command ability will say when it can be used and what effect it has on the unit that receives it. A model cannot issue more than 1 command in the same phase and a unit cannot receive more than 1 command in the same phase. In addition, you cannot use the same command ability more than once in the same phase (even for different units).

The MORDANT keyword is used in the following Flesh-eater Courts warscrolls:


The COURTIER keyword is used in the following Flesh-eater Courts warscrolls:

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