Disciples of Tzeentch – Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch

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Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch

A Curseling is a powerful warrior-mage imbued with daemonic power through a conjoined, spell-moulding Tretchlet. They love nothing more than turning the sorceries of their rivals back upon those who cast them.
MISSILE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Hurled Arcane Energy
Hurled Arcane Energy18"D63+3+-11
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Blazing Sword
Blazing Sword1"43+3+-12
Staff of Tzeentch
Staff of Tzeentch1"D64+4+-1

Unit Size: 1      Points: 200
Battlefield Role: Leader
Base size: 32mm
Notes: Single

A Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch, is armed with Hurled Arcane Energy, a Blazing Sword and Staff of Tzeentch.

WIZARD: This unit can attempt to cast 2 spells in your hero phase and attempt to unbind 2 spells in the enemy hero phase.

Disrupter of the Arcane: A Curseling can reach into a spell and undo the magical forces that keep it whole.
You can re-roll unbinding and dispelling rolls for this unit.

Vessel of Chaos: The flow of eldritch energy is visible to the Curseling, who can pluck magic from the aether and hurl it back at its caster.
If this unit successfully unbinds a spell, it can immediately attempt to cast the Glean Magic spell (see below) even though it is the enemy hero phase. If that spell is successfully cast, it cannot be unbound.

Glean Magic: In a magical duel, the Curseling reaches into his adversary’s mind and steals arcane knowledge to use for his own ends.
Glean Magic is a spell that has a casting value of 4 and a range of 30". If successfully cast, pick 1 enemy WIZARD within range and visible to the caster. Pick 1 spell from that WIZARD’s warscroll that is possible for this unit to cast and roll a dice. On a 2+, the caster knows that spell for the rest of the battle.

Designer’s Note: Spells that require the caster to have a specific keyword, refer to a damage table, or require an endless spell to be apart of their army cannot be picked with this ability.

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19.1 Casting Spells
In your hero phase, you can attempt to cast spells with friendly WIZARDS. You cannot attempt to cast the same spell more than once in the same hero phase, even with a different WIZARD. In order to attempt to cast a spell, pick a friendly WIZARD, say which of the spells that they know will be attempted, and then make a casting roll by rolling 2D6. If the casting roll is equal to or greater than the casting value of the spell, the spell is successfully cast.
19.1.2 Unbinding Spells
If a spell is successfully cast, your opponent can pick 1 of their WIZARDS that is within 30" of the caster to attempt to unbind the spell before its effects are applied. In order to attempt to unbind a spell, first say which WIZARD will attempt to unbind it. Then make an unbinding roll by rolling 2D6. If the unbinding roll is greater than the roll used to cast the spell, then the spell is unbound and its effects are not applied. The number of spells a WIZARD can attempt to unbind is noted on their warscroll. Only 1 unbinding attempt can be made for each spell.

The MORTAL keyword is used in the following Disciples of Tzeentch warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
19.3.2 Dispelling Endless Spells
At the start of the hero phase, each player can attempt to dispel 1 endless spell with each friendly WIZARD and friendly PRIEST. The player whose turn is taking place makes all of their dispelling attempts first. If a WIZARD attempts to dispel an endless spell, they can attempt to cast or unbind 1 fewer spell in that hero phase. If a PRIEST attempts to dispel an endless spell, they can chant 1 fewer prayer in that hero phase. The same player cannot attempt to dispel the same endless spell more than once per phase.

To attempt to dispel an endless spell, pick 1 endless spell that is within 30" of a friendly WIZARD or friendly PRIEST and that is visible to them. Then make a dispelling roll by rolling 2D6. If the roll is greater than the casting value of that endless spell, it is dispelled and removed from play. An endless spell cannot be summoned again in the turn that it is removed from play.
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