Forces of the Emperor – Solar Auxilia Cyclops Demolition Section

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A range of remotely controlled demolition vehicles, the Cyclops is deployed by the Solar Auxilia to breach heavy fortifications and destroy key enemy-held positions in circumstances where a direct assault is judged too costly and engagement from afar is made impossible by dense terrain.

The Cyclops is transported to the front line in a Dracosan Armoured Carrier or an Auxilia Arvus Lighter, and unloaded under cover a safe distance from the intended target. It is then controlled by an operator equipped with a vox control unit, and initiated into the outer tiers of the machine arcana, granting them sufficient knowledge to guide the Cyclops to its target and to detonate its internal charge when it is close enough to inflict the requisite damage.

The unit can be configured with a variety of munition types for use against different types of target, one of which, the atomantic imploder, is so powerful it is sometimes employed against apex xenos-forms and similar foes when all other means have failed.

  • Solar Auxilia Cyclops Demolition Section 35 pts
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Base
Cyclops (base: 25mm)
Cyclops 5 1 1 1 5 2 1 1 6 3+ 25mm
Auxilia Operator (base: 25mm)
Auxilia Operator 5 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7 4+ 25mm
Unit Composition
  • 1 Cyclops
  • 1 Auxilia Operator
  • Reinforced void armour (Auxilia Operator only)
  • Laspistol (Auxilia Operator only)
  • Detcon unit (Auxilia Operator only)
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Independent Operators
  • Demolition Vehicle (Cyclops only)
  • Bulky (5) (Cyclops only)
Dedicated Transport
  • A Solar Auxilia Cyclops Demolition Section may include any of the following:
  • - Up to 2 additional Cyclops*
    +35 points each
*For each additional Cyclops selected, an additional Auxilia Operator must be added to the unit, for no additional cost.
Melee Type
Weapons with the Melee type can only be used in close combat.
Instant Death

Some blows can slay an enemy outright, no matter how hardy they may be.

If a model suffers an unsaved Wound from an attack with this special rule, it is reduced to 0 Wounds and is removed as a casualty.
Armourbane (X)

This weapon has been crafted with one aim in mind – to pierce the hides of armoured vehicles.

If a model or weapon has this special rule, it rolls an additional D6 for armour penetration when targeting a Vehicle model, or, when targeting a model with the Automata or Dreadnought Unit Type, re-rolls all failed rolls To Wound instead. These effects apply to both Shooting Attacks and close combat attacks.

Some instances of the Armourbane special rule may include a qualifier after the rule in brackets, for example Armourbane (Melta) or Armourbane (Melee). These variant rules are described below:

Armourbane (Melta): A model or weapon with this Armourbane special rule only gains the benefits of the Armourbane special rule when at half range or less. If the attack is more than half its Maximum Range away, it gains no benefit from the Armourbane special rule. If a weapon with this version of Armourbane also has the Blast special rule, measure the distance to the centre of the Blast marker after it has scattered. If this is half the weapon’s range or less, then all Hits are counted as having the Armourbane special rule, otherwise the Hits are resolved as if they did not have the Armourbane special rule.

Armourbane (Melee): A weapon or model with this version of the Armourbane special rule only gains the benefits of the Armourbane special rule when attacking in close combat.

Armourbane (Ranged): A weapon or model with this version of the Armourbane special rule only gains the benefits of the Armourbane special rule when making Shooting Attacks.
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Bulky (X)

This creature is so massive, it takes up an inordinate amount of space in any vehicle or building it enters.

Bulky models count as a number of models equal to the value X in brackets after the rule’s name for the purposes of Transport Capacity and whether a given unit outnumbers another in combat.

For example, a unit comprised of five models all of which have the Bulky (3) special rule, would count as 15 models when attempting to Embark on a Transport Vehicle or when deciding if they outnumber an enemy unit (see, for example, Rampage (X)).

The ancient volkite weaponry employed by the armies of Terra in the earliest years of the Great Crusade fired arcing blasts of energy rather than solid projectiles.

After normal attacks by this weapon have been resolved, count the number of unsaved Wounds caused on the target unit. Immediately resolve a number of additional automatic Hits on the same unit using the weapon’s profile equal to the number of unsaved Wounds – these can then be saved normally. Models in the targeted unit must still be in range in order for these additional Hits to take effect. These additional Hits do not themselves inflict more Hits and do not benefit from any other special rules possessed by the attacking model, such as Preferred Enemy (X) or Precision Strikes (X).
Pistol Weapons

Pistols are light enough to be carried and fired one-handed.

A model attacking with a Pistol weapon makes the number of Attacks indicated on its profile regardless of whether the bearer has moved or not. A model carrying a Pistol weapon can make a Shooting Attack with it in the Shooting phase and still Charge in the Assault phase. A Pistol weapon also counts as a close combat weapon in the Assault phase. In addition, all models with two Pistol type weapons can attack with both in the same Shooting phase. This follows the normal rules for shooting.

Volkite serpenta10"55Pistol 2, Deflagrate
Void Armour, Reinforced Void Armour & Heavy Void Armour

Designed to allow warriors to operate in some of the harshest conditions possible, void armour provides both a high degree of protection and a limited life support capacity. Primarily based around a series of interlocking plates and enhanced with a servo motor armature to allow a normal human to bear the weight of the armour, void armour is a significant improvement over the more common flak armour issued to regular Imperial Army troopers.

Void armour confers a 4+ Armour Save. Reinforced void armour confers a 4+ Armour Save and any model with reinforced void armour also gains the Heavy Unit Sub-type. Heavy void armour confers a 3+ Armour Save and any model with heavy void armour also gains the Heavy Unit Sub-type.
Brutal (X)

Some weapons strike with such force that they cause terrible wounds that can lay low even the most formidable combatant.

When a model is allocated a Wound inflicted by a weapon with this special rule, it does not suffer only one Wound but instead suffers a number of Wounds equal to the number in brackets associated with the specific variant of this special rule, with all of the Wounds inflicted using the same AP and special rules as that of the initial Wound. Roll to save against each Wound inflicted separately, but note that Wounds caused in excess of a given model’s remaining Wounds do not spill over to other models and are lost. This special rule has no effect on models that do not have a Toughness value.


Pistol 1
Detcon Unit

These short range vox transmitters are hard-coded to the frequency used by a cohort’s Cyclops units, and are used both to direct those units’ movement and to initiate the detonation sequence.

At the start of any Assault phase where the controller of a model with a detcon unit is the Active player, and before any Charges are declared, a model with a detcon unit may target one friendly unit composed entirely of Cyclops that is within line of sight. The targeted unit may declare Charges normally, ignoring the restrictions or the Automated Artillery Unit Type – if a unit composed entirely of Cyclops is not targeted by a model with a detcon unit then it may not have a Charge declared for it. If a unit includes both Cyclops and other models then it may act normally without being targeted by a model with a detcon unit.
Independent Operator

Some warriors do not fight in organised ranks or clear hierarchies, but instead choose to fight alone and separate from their comrades. Sheer ferocity drives some, others wield weapons so dangerous or intricate that it requires solitude for them to be effective, and the rarest simply refuse to follow military discipline any longer than they must.

When deployed onto the battlefield (either at the start of the battle, when arriving from Reserves or Disembarking from a model with the Transport Sub-type), all models with this special rule in the same unit must be placed within unit coherency following the normal rules for deploying/Disembarking units, but after deployment or Disembarkation all models in the unit with this special rule are considered to have left the unit, and now form separate units of a single model each. For the remainder of the battle, a model with this special rule is considered a separate unit for all purposes and may not join other units or reform into their original unit. However, the whole unit must be removed as casualties before the opposing player scores any Victory points for the destruction of any model that was part of the unit.
Demolition Vehicle

These vehicles are not intended for frontline combat, but rather as demolition tools to bring down buildings or fortifications that have stymied the advance of friendly forces. In the most extreme of situations they can be employed as weapons, but are vulnerable to counter-fire from the enemy.

When a model with this special rule is called upon to make attacks during an Assault, instead of rolling To Hit as normal it instead inflicts one automatic Hit using the profile below on any one enemy model it is in base contact with (chosen by the player that controls the model with this special rule). Once this Hit is resolved, the model with this special rule is automatically removed as a casualty (the removal of this model does not add any Wounds to the total used to determine which side has won the Assault).

Demo charge
Melee, Armourbane (Melee), Instant Death, Brutal (2)
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