Forces of the Emperor – Arvus Transport

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The Arvus is a light utility shuttle used by the Imperialis Armada for transferring supplies or small groups of personnel from ship-to-ship or ship-to-planet. It is a solid and reliable workhorse shuttle, squat and durable with powerful engines for carrying heavy loads. The utility model of the Arvus is unarmed as it is not a combat vehicle and is not expected to engage the enemy.

The Solar Auxilia makes extensive use of a variant of the Arvus and of several similar orbital shuttles, using them to insert infantry sections and command units into a war zone with pinpoint accuracy. Because its carrying capacity is limited to twelve passengers, larger units such as full strength Lasrifle Sections tend to deploy to a world’s surface in drop ships able to carry entire Tercios or even companies, leaving the faster and comparatively more manoeuvrable Arvus to fulfil the role of inserting smaller units with specific battlefield tasks to perform.

  • Arvus Transport 75 pts
Armour Transport Capacity
M BS Front Side Rear HP Base
Arvus Transport (base: 120 x 92mm flying base)
Arvus Transport 20 3 11 11 10 2 12 120 x 92mm flying base
Unit Composition
  • 1 Arvus Transport
  • Searchlights
  • Smoke launchers
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Deep Strike
  • Infantry Transport
Access Points
  • An Arvus Transport has one Access Point at the rear.
Army List
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Deep Strike

Some units make their way to battle via tunnelling, teleportation, flying, or some other extraordinary means which allows them to appear in the thick of the fighting.

A unit made up entirely of models with this special rule may perform a Deep Strike Assault. Certain Faction or unit special rules may present other options for the deployment of units with the Deep Strike special rule.
Access Points
Each Vehicle capable of carrying passengers will have a number of Access Points defined in its entry. These are the doors, ramps and hatches that passengers use to get in and out of the Vehicle. Transports on flying bases also count the base as an Access Point.
Smoke Launchers

Many armoured fighting vehicles bear simple grenade systems rigged to distribute smoke upon being triggered, granting the vehicle a brief and passing cover that can prove crucial in the worst of situations. Such devices are of most use in slow moving engagements, as a vehicle at maximum speed will quickly disperse or outrun its own smoke shield.

The controlling player may choose to trigger smoke launchers once a model with them has completed its movement in the Movement phase, and may only choose to trigger them if the model has moved no faster than Combat Speed that turn. Once triggered, the model with smoke launchers counts as being more than 25% obscured, regardless of terrain, until the start of the controlling player’s next turn and gains a 6+ Cover Save. A model whose smoke launchers have been triggered may not make any Shooting Attacks, except as part of a Reaction, in the same turn. Smoke launchers may only be used once per battle, and once triggered may not be further used – in addition, they do not count as a weapon and may not be targeted by Weapon Destroyed results on the Vehicle Damage table.
Infantry Transport

The most common transport vehicles are those dedicated to carrying the infantry that form the core of Mankind’s armies. Such bulk transports lack the specialised equipment to accommodate more unique warriors.

No model with any version of the Bulky (X) special rule may Embark on a model that has this special rule.

Mounted illum-beacons or simple electric torches, many vehicles mount some kind of portable light to aid in target identification and destruction in darkness and poor weather.

A model with searchlights ignores the 24" limit to line of sight imposed by the Night Fighting rules when making Shooting Attacks, however enemy units also ignore that same restriction when making Shooting Attacks that target a model with searchlights.

In addition, any unit that has been the target of a Shooting Attack made by a unit with searchlights (regardless of whether any Hits were inflicted or not) may be freely targeted for Shooting Attacks by any other unit in the same Shooting phase, ignoring the 24" restriction to line of sight imposed by the Night Fighting rules.

Searchlights do not count as weapons and may not be targeted by the Weapon Destroyed result on the Vehicle Damage table.
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