Forces of the Emperor – Charonite Ogryn Section

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Living weapons whose dark origins lay lost within the Age of Strife, Charonites are biochemically and cybernetically altered Ogryn abhumans, mutilated in mind and body and left entirely creatures of brute obedience and drug-induced frenzy.

The difficult and unstable technologies used in their creation were deemed proscribed and unholy by the Mechanicum and may in part have had alien origins. Despite this the Solar Auxilia, thanks to their strong connection both with the Saturnyne enclaves of Terra and the celestial keeps of Pavonis, both of whom retained much of their independence after Imperial Compliance, retained a dispensation for the creation and use of Charonites in limited numbers, despite the opprobrium of Mars.

As the Horus Heresy raged, many Loyalist Solar Auxilia commands, particularly those cut off from Terra, turned to the creation of Charonites to strengthen their forces, particularly as a match against the power of Traitor Legiones Astartes and Dark Mechanicum forces, although the difficulty of their creation ensured that such products of Old Night did not become widespread.

  • Charonite Ogryn Section 120 pts
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Base
Charonite Ogryn (base: 40mm)
Charonite Ogryn 7 4 2 5 5 3 2 4 6 4+ 40mm
Unit Composition
  • 3 Charonite Ogryns
  • Void armour
  • Charonite claws
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Feel No Pain (5+)
  • Hammer of Wrath (2)
  • Rage (2)
  • Death Frenzy
  • Bitter Duty
  • Bulky (4)
  • A Charonite Ogryn Section may include:
  • - Up to 6 additional Charonite Ogryns
    +40 points each
Melee Type
Weapons with the Melee type can only be used in close combat.
Rending (X)

Some weapons can inflict critical strikes against which no armour can protect.

If a model has the Rending special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has the Rending special rule, there is a chance that their close combat attacks will strike a critical blow. For each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed, the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. The controlling player may choose to resolve these Wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value.

Similarly, if a model makes a Shooting Attack with a weapon that has the Rending special rule, a To Wound roll of equal to or greater than the listed value wounds automatically, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2.

In either case, against Vehicles each Armour Penetration roll of equal to or greater than the listed value allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result added to the total Strength of the attack. These Hits are not resolved at AP 2, but are instead resolved using the weapon’s AP value.

For example, a model with the Rending (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound against a non-Vehicle model will wound automatically on the roll of a 5+, and the attacking player has the choice of using an AP value of 2 instead of the AP value of their weapon.
Army List
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This weapon is particularly heavy and requires both hands to wield.

A model attacking with this weapon never receives +1 Attack for fighting with two Melee weapons.
Bulky (X)

This creature is so massive, it takes up an inordinate amount of space in any vehicle or building it enters.

Bulky models count as a number of models equal to the value X in brackets after the rule’s name for the purposes of Transport Capacity and whether a given unit outnumbers another in combat.

For example, a unit comprised of five models all of which have the Bulky (3) special rule, would count as 15 models when attempting to Embark on a Transport Vehicle or when deciding if they outnumber an enemy unit (see, for example, Rampage (X)).
Void Armour, Reinforced Void Armour & Heavy Void Armour

Designed to allow warriors to operate in some of the harshest conditions possible, void armour provides both a high degree of protection and a limited life support capacity. Primarily based around a series of interlocking plates and enhanced with a servo motor armature to allow a normal human to bear the weight of the armour, void armour is a significant improvement over the more common flak armour issued to regular Imperial Army troopers.

Void armour confers a 4+ Armour Save. Reinforced void armour confers a 4+ Armour Save and any model with reinforced void armour also gains the Heavy Unit Sub-type. Heavy void armour confers a 3+ Armour Save and any model with heavy void armour also gains the Heavy Unit Sub-type.
Hammer of Wrath (X)

Many warriors hurl themselves headlong into combat, seeking to crush or trample the foe.

If a model with this special rule ends its Charge Move in base contact with an enemy model, it makes a number of additional attacks equal to the value in brackets listed as part of this special rule. These attacks hit automatically and are resolved at the model’s unmodified Strength with AP-. These attacks do not benefit from any of the model’s special rules (such as Furious Charge, Rending, etc.). These attacks are resolved during the Fight sub-phase at Initiative step 10, but do not grant the model an additional Pile-in Move.

If a model with this special rule Charges a Vehicle of any kind or a Building, the hits are resolved against the Armour Value of the Facing the charging model is touching. If the model is in contact with two or more Facings, the player controlling the target model chooses a Facing upon which the attacks are resolved. If a model with this special rule Charges a Building or Vehicle that is a Transport, the hits are resolved against the Building or Vehicle, not the unit Embarked within the Building or Vehicle.
Rage (X)

Bloodlust is a powerful weapon on the battlefield, spurring a warrior to hack their foes apart in a flurry of mindless carnage.

In a turn in which a model with this special rule Charges into combat, it gains a number of Attacks equal to the value of X for Charging, rather than +1. A model that has made a Disordered Charge that turn receives no benefit from Rage.
Feel No Pain (X)

Whether through force of will, bionic augmentation or foul sorcery, this warrior can still fight despite fearsome wounds.

When a model with this special rule suffers an unsaved Wound, it can make a special Feel No Pain roll to avoid being Wounded (this is a special Saving Throw which is made after unsaved Wounds are suffered).

Feel No Pain rolls may not be taken against unsaved Wounds that have the Instant Death special rule.

Roll a D6 each time an unsaved Wound is suffered. On a result that is equal to or greater than the value in brackets, the unsaved Wound is discounted – treat it as having been saved. On any other result the Wound is taken as normal.

For example, a unit with the special rule Feel No Pain (5+) would need to score a 5 or 6 in order to discount a Wound inflicted upon it.

This is a Damage Mitigation roll – any model may make only a single Damage Mitigation roll of any type for any given Wound.

Charonite claws

Charonite claws
Melee, Two-handed, Rending (6+)
Death Frenzy

Some warriors seek only the death of the enemy, no matter the price that must be paid in blood. For some this is a duty that means more than life itself, while others are driven to such fury by crude augmetics or combat drugs.

A unit composed entirely of models with this special rule that fails a Morale check, due to enemy Shooting Attacks, losing a combat in the Assault phase, or due to a special rule that forces a Morale check, does not Fall Back and is treated as if it had passed the Morale check. However, the unit’s controlling player must immediately select a single model in the unit and remove it from play as a casualty – no Armour Saves or Damage Mitigation rolls may be made for the selected model. After one or more models has been removed from a unit due to this special rule in a given player turn, the unit from which the model was removed increases the Attacks Characteristic of all models in the unit by 1 for the duration of the next player turn.
Bitter Duty

Some warriors are marked by the dire weaponry they bear or the grim tactics in which they are trained. These dour cohorts are shunned by their brethren, whether out of respect for their burden or from fear of their rage.

A unit that includes any models with this special rule may not be joined by any model that does not also have this special rule (this includes Legion Techmarines and Legion Apothecaries, which may not be assigned to a unit with this special rule unless they also have this special rule).
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