Forces of the Emperor – Ares Gunship

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During the Wars of Unity, the Custodes would amass in their fledgling battle ranks to fight by the Emperor’s side, and though they were few, they were equipped with the finest weaponry and vehicles. One such vehicle was the Ares Gunship, and it earned a fearsome reputation vanquishing the Emperor’s enemies on Ancient Terra and hundreds of worlds since.

The Ares was frequently used as a terror weapon, bypassing enemy armies as it blazed over their lines in the shadow of its eclipse shields. Primarily, it was used to strike a decisive blow with its immensely destructive Arachnus magna-blaze cannon against the monuments and edifices which an enemy culture held most dear to their hearts. Such was the infamy it earned in the Unity Wars that when the forces of Unification were embroiled in a month-long standstill on the Antipodean Peninsula, the mere sight of a single Ares Gunship hovering above the domicile of that regime’s Chancellor led to the enemy’s unconditional surrender to the Emperor.

  • Ares Gunship 650 pts
Armour Transport Capacity
M BS Front Side Rear HP Base
Ares Gunship (base: 160mm)
Ares Gunship 19 5 13 12 10 7 - 160mm
Unit Composition
  • 1 Ares Gunship
  • Two Centreline Mounted Arachnus heavy blaze cannon
  • Centreline Mounted Arachnus magnablaze cannon
  • Two Hull (Front) Mounted Infernus firebomb clusters
  • Eclipse shield
  • Arae-shrike
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Power of the Machine Spirit
  • Deep Strike
  • Loyalist
Rending (X)

Some weapons can inflict critical strikes against which no armour can protect.

If a model has the Rending special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has the Rending special rule, there is a chance that their close combat attacks will strike a critical blow. For each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed, the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. The controlling player may choose to resolve these Wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value.

Similarly, if a model makes a Shooting Attack with a weapon that has the Rending special rule, a To Wound roll of equal to or greater than the listed value wounds automatically, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2.

In either case, against Vehicles each Armour Penetration roll of equal to or greater than the listed value allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result added to the total Strength of the attack. These Hits are not resolved at AP 2, but are instead resolved using the weapon’s AP value.

For example, a model with the Rending (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound against a non-Vehicle model will wound automatically on the roll of a 5+, and the attacking player has the choice of using an AP value of 2 instead of the AP value of their weapon.

Ancient devices of the Dark Age of Technology which twist and distort electromagnetic signals, these counter-intelligence devices are considered blasphemous in principle and arcane function by the Mechanicum, and persist only in the hands of the Emperor’s retinue. By the use of malifica-djinn and hostile blight-code, they pervert the data-readouts of unshielded cogitators and telemetry plotters with lying reports and malign falsehood, and what they cannot deceive, they simply blind and deafen with a shrieking multi-frequency cacophony.

If there is a model with an arae-shrike on the battlefield when any enemy player declares a Deep Strike Assault or Flanking Assault, any roll to see if the Deep Strike Assault or Flanking Assault is ‘Disordered’ suffers a penalty of -1 (and is thus counted as Disordered on the roll of a ‘1’ or a ‘2’, unless other modifiers are also applied).

Whether pledged to the Emperor himself as the rightful leader of Mankind or to the dream of the Imperium that he intended to create, some warriors swore to fight and die for the Loyalist cause and no other.

A model with this special rule may only be included in an army that has the Loyalist Allegiance.
Army List
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These weapons are grafted to the same targeting system for greater accuracy.

When attacking with a weapon that has this special rule, the controlling player may re-roll all failed To Hit rolls.
Heavy Weapons

These are heavy, man-portable weapons that typically require reloading between each shot or bracing to counter their recoil.

When making a Shooting Attack, a model with a Heavy weapon attacks the number of times indicated. If a model equipped with a Heavy weapon moved in the preceding Movement phase, they can only make Snap Shots with that Heavy weapon during the Shooting phase. Note that weapons with the Blast special rule cannot fire Snap Shots. Models that make Shooting Attacks with Heavy weapons in the Shooting phase cannot Charge in the ensuing Assault phase.

Reaper autocannon36"74Heavy 2, Rending (6+), Twin-linked
Weapon Mounts
Hull (Arc) Mounted – Hull (Arc) Mounted weapons will always specify a single Firing Arc and may only fire at targets in that Firing Arc. The different Hull arcs are: Front, Rear, Left and Right. Some units may specify Side as an arc – this means both Left and Right arcs.

For example, a Legion Land Raider Proteus has a Hull (Front) Mounted Heavy Bolter – this weapon may only fire at targets in the Front Firing Arc.

Turret Mounted – Turret Mounted weapons may fire at targets in any Hull arc (Front, Side or Rear) without restriction.

Centreline Mounted – Centreline Mounted weapons may only fire at targets in the Centreline Firing Arc.

Sponson Mounted – Sponson Mounted weapons are usually mounted in pairs, one on each side of a Vehicle (the Vehicle’s profile will note if this is not the case) and fire into the appropriate Sponson Firing Arc (either left or right). If the target of a Vehicle’s Shooting Attack is within the Firing Arc for only one of a pair of Sponson weapons, then the out of arc weapon may be fired at another enemy unit of the controlling player’s choice. This Secondary Target must be in the weapon’s line of sight and Firing Arc, but may be from a different unit than the original target.

Pintle Mounted – Pintle Mounted weapons may fire at targets in any Firing Arc without restriction, but are always counted as Defensive weapons regardless of the weapon type or its statistics.

The terror of tank commanders, a lance weapon fires a concentrated beam of energy that can bore through any armour, regardless of thickness.

Weapons with the Lance special rule count Vehicle Armour Values that are higher than 12 as 12.
Exoshock (X)

Each blast from this weapon that pierces its target’s armour sets off a chain reaction of secondary explosions.

If this weapon successfully scores a Penetrating Hit on a target, roll a D6. If the result of that roll is equal to or higher than the value in brackets after the rule, a second automatic Penetrating Hit is inflicted on the same target against which Cover Saves may not be taken. For example, a weapon with the Exoshock (4+) special rule would inflict a second Penetrating Hit on the score of a 4+. This second Penetrating Hit does not gain the effects of any other special rules, and cannot trigger additional Hits.

If, for any reason, a given instance of this rule does not have a value in brackets after the special rule, assume the value is 6+.
Power of the Machine Spirit

The interface between this vehicle’s advanced machine spirit and its fire control mechanisms allows the crew to target foes with incredible accuracy.

A Vehicle with this special rule may attack different targets with each Ranged weapon it is permitted to fire during any Shooting Attack.
Deep Strike

Some units make their way to battle via tunnelling, teleportation, flying, or some other extraordinary means which allows them to appear in the thick of the fighting.

A unit made up entirely of models with this special rule may perform a Deep Strike Assault. Certain Faction or unit special rules may present other options for the deployment of units with the Deep Strike special rule.

This datasheet has Lords of War Battlefield Role. Full list of Forces of the Emperor units sharing same Battlefield Role follows:

Arachnus heavy blaze cannon

Arachnus heavy blaze cannon
Heavy 2, Lance, Exoshock (6+)
Eclipse Shield

These energy fields are designed to absorb and reflect incoming kinetic and energy strikes, a powerful defence that few weapons can penetrate. The only flaw of these ancient and inscrutable devices is the huge power drain they exert and the rarity of their construction.

A Vehicle with an eclipse shield reduces the Strength of Shooting Attacks made against its Front Armour by -1, or -2 if that attack has the Blast special rule or uses a template to determine its Range. An eclipse shield has no effect on attacks inflicted with weapons of the Destroyer type. If a Shooting Attack targeting the Front Armour of a model with the Vehicle Type with an eclipse shield inflicts a Glancing Hit or Penetrating Hit then that model with the Vehicle Type immediately gains the Shrouded (5+) special rule against all subsequent Shooting Attacks targeting it in the Front Armour during the same Phase.
Large Blast
Large Blast weapons use the 5" Blast marker, but otherwise obey all the rules for Blast weapons.

Mounted only on the largest and most fearsome of war machines, Destroyer class weapons are capable of annihilating smaller targets and tearing through even the thickest armour with ease.

A model making a Shooting Attack with a Destroyer weapon attacks the number of times indicated on the weapon’s profile whether or not the bearer has moved. A model carrying a Destroyer weapon can attack with it in the Shooting phase and still Charge in the Assault phase. In addition, when you roll for armour penetration with Hits caused by a Destroyer weapon, roll three dice instead of one and discard the single lowest dice rolled, or any one of the lowest dice in the case of tied results. Use the total of the remaining dice to determine the result.

In addition, when a Destroyer weapon inflicts a Glancing Hit or a Penetrating Hit, it inflicts D3 Hull Points of Damage instead of a single Hull Point. When a Destroyer weapon inflicts a Wound on a non-Vehicle model, it inflicts D3 Wounds instead of a single Wound.

Volcano cannon120"101Destroyer 1, Large Blast (5")

Arachnus magna-blaze cannon

Arachnus magna-blaze cannon
Destroyer 2, Lance, Exoshock (4+)
Massive Blast
Massive Blast weapons use the 7" Blast marker, but otherwise obey all the rules for Blast weapons.
Ignores Cover

This weapon fires ammunition that cheats an enemy of their shelter.

Cover Saves and Damage Mitigation rolls granted by the Shrouded special rule cannot be taken against Wounds or Hull Point damage caused by weapons with the Ignores Cover special rule. This includes Cover Saves granted by Reactions and other special rules as well as Cover Saves conferred by terrain.

Infernus firebomb clusters

Infernus firebomb clusters
Heavy 1, Massive Blast (7"), Ignores Cover
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