Forces of the Emperor – Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought

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A sub-variant of the Contemptor-Achillus, the Contemptor-Galatus is designed to provide a mobile anchor point for a Legio Custodes battleline in the field. To this end, the Galatus is analogous to the armament and role of the specialised Sentinel Guard formations of the Legio Custodes, and is armed with a potent combination of a huge power blade and a vastly enlarged version of the Praesidium shield. The warblade allows the Contemptor-Galatus to swiftly and efficiently reap a murderous toll of any massed infantry assault at close quarters, or indeed hack through armoured vehicles and monstrous xenos with equal ease. It is the defensive power of the hulking Praesidium shield however that is the Contemptor-Galatus’ most singular feature, as with it the already durable Contemptor chassis becomes nigh on impregnable, even against the heaviest firepower.

  • Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought 235 pts
M WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Base
Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought (base: 60mm)
Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought 8 6 5 8 7 6 4 4 10 2+ 60mm
Unit Composition
  • 1 Contemptor-Galatus Dreadnought
  • Galatus warblade with in-built twinlinked Infernus incinerator
  • Gravis Praesidium shield
  • Atomantic deflector
Unit Type
Special Rules
  • Legio Custodes
  • Loyalist
Melee Type
Weapons with the Melee type can only be used in close combat.
Rending (X)

Some weapons can inflict critical strikes against which no armour can protect.

If a model has the Rending special rule, or is attacking with a Melee weapon that has the Rending special rule, there is a chance that their close combat attacks will strike a critical blow. For each To Wound roll equal to or higher than the value listed, the target automatically suffers a Wound, regardless of its Toughness. The controlling player may choose to resolve these Wounds at AP 2 instead of the weapon’s normal AP value.

Similarly, if a model makes a Shooting Attack with a weapon that has the Rending special rule, a To Wound roll of equal to or greater than the listed value wounds automatically, regardless of Toughness, and is resolved at AP 2.

In either case, against Vehicles each Armour Penetration roll of equal to or greater than the listed value allows a further D3 to be rolled, with the result added to the total Strength of the attack. These Hits are not resolved at AP 2, but are instead resolved using the weapon’s AP value.

For example, a model with the Rending (5+) special rule that rolls To Wound against a non-Vehicle model will wound automatically on the roll of a 5+, and the attacking player has the choice of using an AP value of 2 instead of the AP value of their weapon.
Instant Death

Some blows can slay an enemy outright, no matter how hardy they may be.

If a model suffers an unsaved Wound from an attack with this special rule, it is reduced to 0 Wounds and is removed as a casualty.
Nemesis Units
A ‘Nemesis’ unit is defined as any enemy unit that fulfils at least one of the following conditions:
Legio Custodes

The Custodes were the finest warriors known to the Imperium, faster and stronger than even the super-human warriors of the Legiones Astartes and outfitted from the secret arsenals of the Emperor himself. They were deployed to the field of battle only in the face of the most dire threats or to accompany the grandest heroes and pay witness to the most important of triumphs. They were the heroes of their age, renowned for their courage and feared more than any other by the foes of Mankind.

Models with this special rule gain the following benefits in various situations that involve ‘Nemesis’ units (see the Nemesis unit entry):
  • All models with this special rule gain +1 Attacks when locked in combat with a Nemesis Unit.
  • A unit composed entirely of models with this special rule gains an additional bonus of +1 to all Charge rolls made when all targets of the Charge are Nemesis Units.
  • When rolling to Hit while Engaged with a Nemesis unit, a model with this special rule will never need to roll better than 4+ to score a Hit – unless the Nemesis unit is composed entirely of models with the Primarch Unit Type, or the attacking model is in a Challenge with a model that has the Primarch Unit Type.

Whether pledged to the Emperor himself as the rightful leader of Mankind or to the dream of the Imperium that he intended to create, some warriors swore to fight and die for the Loyalist cause and no other.

A model with this special rule may only be included in an army that has the Loyalist Allegiance.
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These weapons are grafted to the same targeting system for greater accuracy.

When attacking with a weapon that has this special rule, the controlling player may re-roll all failed To Hit rolls.
Heavy Weapons

These are heavy, man-portable weapons that typically require reloading between each shot or bracing to counter their recoil.

When making a Shooting Attack, a model with a Heavy weapon attacks the number of times indicated. If a model equipped with a Heavy weapon moved in the preceding Movement phase, they can only make Snap Shots with that Heavy weapon during the Shooting phase. Note that weapons with the Blast special rule cannot fire Snap Shots. Models that make Shooting Attacks with Heavy weapons in the Shooting phase cannot Charge in the ensuing Assault phase.

Reaper autocannon36"74Heavy 2, Rending (6+), Twin-linked
Atomantic Deflector

Powered by the vast glut of energy from its atomantic heart, many advanced war machines entered the field of battle veiled in a protective shroud of energy that could deflect or disperse las bolts and kinetic munitions. Yet, such was the power channelled through this little-understood device that, in death, these engines of war would erupt in fiery ruin, a danger to both friend and foe.

A model with an atomantic deflector gains a 5+ Invulnerable Save and any model with an atomantic deflector and a Wounds Characteristic that suffers an unsaved Wound with the Instant Death special rule is not immediately removed as a casualty, but instead loses D3 Wounds instead of one for each unsaved Wound with the Instant Death special rule inflicted on it. In addition, when a model with an atomantic deflector loses its last Wound or Hull Point, but before it is removed as a casualty or replaced with a Wreck, all models both friendly and enemy within D6" suffer an automatic Hit at Str 8, AP -.

Infernus incinerator

Infernus incinerator
Heavy 1

Galatus warblade

Galatus warblade
Melee, Instant Death
Gravis Praesidium Shield

Combining both a series of energy fields and a formidable barrier of reinforced plasteel and ceramite, the Gravis Praesidium presents a near impenetrable shield against attacks. Such is its sheer size and weight that no normal warrior could make use of it, only the armoured shell of a Dreadnought can carry such a device into battle.

A Gravis Praesidium shield confers a 4+ Invulnerable Save, this does not stack with existing Invulnerable Saves and if a model has more than one such save the controlling player must select one to use against any Wounds inflicted on that model. In addition, a model with a Gravis Praesidium shield cannot claim bonus attacks for having more than one melee weapon, or make attacks during the Assault phase using a weapon with the Two-handed special rule.
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