Kharadron Overlords – Drekki Flynt

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Drekki Flynt

Drekki Flynt. It is a name to which tankards have been raised and curses levelled a thousand times. Captain of the Aelsling, fastest ship in Barak-Mhornar, Flynt earns his reputation with flexible morals, an aether-powered axe and a multi-barrelled pistol always close to hand.
MISSILE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
The Aethermatic Equaliser Mk. III
The Aethermatic Equaliser Mk. III9"2D63+3+-12
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Grunnsson’s Axe
Grunnsson’s Axe2"33+2+-22

Unit Size: 1      Points: 130
Battlefield Role: Leader
Base size: 32mm
Notes: Single, Unique

Drekki Flynt is armed with the Aethermatic Equaliser Mk. Ill and Grunnsson’s Axe.

Captain of the Aelsling: Manned by a motley crew of misfits and ne’erdo-wells, Drekki’s pride and joy is the Aelsling, said to be the fastest vessel in Barak-Mhornar.
You can pick 1 BARAK-MHORNAR ARKANAUT FRIGATE in your army to be the Aelsling. The unit you pick cannot also be picked to be a flagship. Record this information on your roster. Add 1 to the Damage characteristic of that unit’s Boarding Weapons.

Let Me Drive!: A life on the run has honed Drekki’s piloting skills to the extent that he can perform manoeuvres in skyvessels that would earn the respect of even the most seasoned Windmaster.
You can re-roll run rolls and charge rolls made for the Aelsling while this unit is embarked in it.

Auxiliary Skyhook: Drekki’s axe is custom-fitted with a small skyhook that can skewer any beastie that strays too close.
Each time this unit fights, after all of its attacks have been resolved, you can pick 1 enemy MONSTER within 3" of this unit and roll a dice. On a 2+, that MONSTER suffers 3 mortal wounds.

Light-fingered: If Drekki eyes a rare trinket on an undeserving bearer, he will almost always ‘borrow it and put it to better use’.
At the start of the combat phase, if this unit is within 1" of an enemy HERO that has an artefact of power, you can say that Drekki will try to ‘borrow’ that artefact. If you do so, roll a dice. On a 3+, that artefact of power can no longer be used (if a weapon was picked when the artefact of power was selected, that weapon reverts to normal). This ability cannot be used while this unit is embarked.


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11.1 Charge Moves
When you attempt a charge with a unit, make a charge roll for the unit by rolling 2D6. You can then make a charge move with each model in that unit by moving the model a distance in inches that is equal to or less than the charge roll. The first model you move in a unit attempting a charge must finish the move within 1/2" of an enemy unit. If this is impossible, no models in the unit can make a charge move.

You do not have to pick a target for a charge attempt before making the charge roll.
14.5 Mortal Wounds
Some attacks, spells and abilities cause mortal wounds. Do not make hit, wound or save rolls for mortal wounds. Instead, the damage inflicted on the target is equal to the number of mortal wounds that were caused.

Mortal wounds caused while a unit is attacking are allocated at the same time as wounds caused by the unit’s attacks: after all of the unit’s attacks have been made. Mortal wounds caused at other times are allocated as soon as they are caused. Mortal wounds are allocated in the same way as wounds and are treated in the same manner as wounds for rules purposes.
8.3 Run
When you pick a unit to run, you must make a run roll for the unit by rolling a dice. Add the run roll to the Move characteristic of all models in the unit until the end of that phase. You can then move each model in that unit a distance in inches equal to or less than their modified Move characteristic. No part of a run can be within 3" of an enemy unit. You cannot shoot or attempt a charge later in the turn with a unit that has run. Units cannot run if they are within 3" of an enemy unit.
27.3.3 Artefacts of Power
Each time you take an artefact of power enhancement, you can pick 1 artefact of power and give it to a HERO in your army. A HERO cannot have more than 1 artefact of power. An army cannot include duplicates of the same artefact of power.

Most rules for artefacts of power refer to the bearer. The bearer is the model to which an artefact of power has been given (see section 27.5.2 for some examples).
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