Legion of Azgorh – Blackshard Warhost

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Warscroll Battalion

Blackshard Warhost

The mainstay of the Legion of Azgorh, Blackshard Warhosts greet their foe’s advance with precise volleys of pyrelock shot, thinning the enemy lines before breaking the survivors on a nigh-impenetrable wall of ensorcelled iron armour and cursed shields.
A Blackshard Warhost consists of the following units:
 • 1 Infernal Guard Castellan
 • 1 Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer
 • 2 Infernal Guard Ironsworn units
 • 2 Infernal Guard Fireglaives units

Unit Size: -      Points: 160
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Unyielding Slaughterers: Blackshard Warhosts are infamous for the methodical butchery they employ in combat, locking shields and standing fast with implacable determination.
Add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of units in this battalion.
Faction Rules
• Allies

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