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I have been asked many times to provide an API (web service) for accessing wahapedical data. I do not have the ability to run a web server 24 hours a day, providing data on demand. In addition, I do not see the need to provide data in this mode (it is not an airport website after all). However, there are some things that can be done.

Here is the export data for all datasheets / wargear / stratagems. Data I provide is a set of csv files linked through identifiers. For now export data is being done for the 9th edition 40k. There will be demand for the rest of the games - I will add as far as possible.
The picture below shows an example of how the export data is related to the display of the Terminators page on the site.

Specification with links to all files situated here. The specification text is given in Russian and English.

The files will be updated as the site is updated. Roughly speaking: I corrected an error in the ability - I update files, added a datasheet - I update files. It takes 30 minutes.

The export data can be used to research game mechanics and develop related interfaces. When publishing your work, mentioning Wahapedia is highly recommended. For example, with the inscription "powered by Wahapedia". And of course, show off your work! Worthy ones I will publish on my Discord server.

If the provided data turned out to be useful to you, consider the opportunity to support the project.

Discord Bot

Wahapedia has its own Discord bot! The bot’s name is Scaevola and he is inspired by the eponymous character from the Mechanicus game. The bot does not require configuration and works immediately upon invitation to the server.

Now, in the heat of the discussion, you can quickly remind your opponent or yourself what a datasheet, stratagem, warlord trait, psychic power, relic or wargear looks like (so far only for 40k). It is enough to use the following construction in the text box:

In direct message to a bot:

In channels:
@Scaevola Name

In channels inside a sentence to point a requested text to the bot:
@Scaevola some text {{Name}} some text

, where the Name is the name of the datasheet, stratagem, etc.

Note that due to recent changes in Discord policy you have to mention bot in public channels. Or else bot will not respond.

The bot forgives small mistakes and typos in the name (up to 60% of the difference). You can write rawboat guilliman and the bot will return you a link to the ultramarines’ primarch!

If the searched object is duplicated for several factions (i.e., Servitors), you can specify the request by adding the full or abbreviated name of the faction. For example, adm servitors or mechanicus servitors.

If you forget what and how - use the help command.

You can also use the rank command to find your place in a Wahapedian Detachment (donators migrated from Patreon only!).

Link to invite the bot to your server: *CLICK*
Reserve bot (Scaevola01): *CLICK*

For support and development of the bot, write to the #errors and #ideas discord channels, respectively.

Powered by Wahapedia

Below you will find exciting examples of Export Data usage.

Powered by Wahapedia’s data export allows you to create your custom data, stratagem, and secondary cards for printing or mobile use. It has full data support for 40k and basic card support for Necromunda. You can share your created cards with others using the sharing feature or export and save them yourself.


40kroller is a Battle Scribe Roster File Viewer and Game tracker. Upload your roster files and share with a friend. 40kroller will help you play your game by highlighting rules and abilities by the phase of the game you are in, and you and your opponent can share a scoreboard.

Check Quick Guide for more info.


StrataScribe is an addition to rweyrauch’s PrettyScribe which shows all Stratagems from your BattleScribe *.ros/*.rosz roster file.

Upload your roster, select required settings and get all your Stratagems sorted by Phase and by Unit in printable format.

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