Hi! My name is Vyacheslav Maltsev and I am the developer of Wahapedia website. I've designed the Wahapedia as a handy tool for the beginners to get into the complex Warhammer tabletop universe. And it is a Universe indeed! For example Warhammer 40,000 comprises 38 factions, more than 100 codexes/supplements, over 2000 unit profiles and about 4000 special rules.


I started to work on the site in 2013. I chose Google Sites as a platform for its ability to edit pages via browser and for free hosting without any ads. At the beginning I just typed text into pages using Google Sites tools. I asked for help on Warforge forum and lots of people lent me a helping hand. But still I had to spend a lot of time on the pages adjustment.

After two years of development I have come to the idea of a data-driven website. Frankly, I am not a web-designer. I am a database programmer and have chosen an instrument which I know better: 1C:Enterprise. In short, this means:
  1. Input codex data into appropriate database tables.
  2. Generate HTML-code based on database data.
  3. Upload HTML-code into the appropriate page on website.
This approach allowed me to unify the style for all pages and significantly reduce the time of creating a web page. Previously building a complete codex took 2 months, now it takes 1 week. The work with the database requires specific knowledge, so I refused help of Warforge comrades. However, I am extremely grateful to them for their support during the initial stage of the site’s life.

Eighth edition released in june 2017. All codexes had to be re-input once again. Simultaneously I worked on modifying 1C:Wahapedia database code. The bulk of the indexes have been implemented by the end of 2017. Now, when the Games Workshop announced 9th edition of the Warhammer 40,000 rules I have to start over. Its not the first time for me since I have supported Wahapedia since 6th edition.


Many may ask, "Is it legal?" I do not think so. If the Games Workshop finds this site and considers it to be dangerous for their business the company will require site’s closure. However, I would like to say a few words in defense of my offspring:
  1. The site does not store any codexes’ scans. Pictures from rulebooks are used only to illustrate the rules of the game.
  2. The site does not contain a literary component (background) of codexes. The exception is the text of no more than 1-2 paragraphs to describe special rules, wargear and missions.
  3. I do not plan to include any advertising on the site or enable a paid subscription. Using of the site is completely free (donations doesn’t count).
  4. In the end GW will receive benefit from this site, as beginners will learn the game easily. Also you still have to pay for paints and miniatures – you can’t download it from the Internet.
– But still. What if GW will send you a "love letter"? – you may ask. For this question, I have some answers:
  1. Site moved out of British Themis’ reach, in the .ru segment. Hosting also situated in Russia. I’m not using this site for selling weapons to terrorists and store porn - I’m absolutely fine.
  2. I am citizen of another country and I’m not going to travel in GB.
  3. I can lock site on a password that will be changed from time to time. New password would be sent to trusted users only or published on some source with limited access (such as Patreon).
  4. In worst case it is possible to go offline - put site on some torrent or other file storage. You will have to download it every time site recieves an update


Like the site? Think it’s useful? Support it!
There are several ways in which you can support the Wahapedia development:
  1. Report mistakes. I love to receive error messages from users, since each bugfix makes Wahapedia even better! Fixing an error usually takes up to 24 hours.
  2. Share your ideas. Found forgotten datasheet? Have an idea to make site more handy? You are welcome to drop me a letter or contact me in social media.
  3. Give some of your money. Donation is the most powerful motivator for my daily struggle for data relevance and integrity of the site.

E-mail:  info@wahapedia.ru
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Data Export

I have been asked many times to provide an API (web service) for accessing wahapedical data. I do not have the ability to run a web server 24 hours a day, providing data on demand. In addition, I do not see the need to provide data in this mode (it is not an airport website after all). However, there are some things that can be done.

Here is the export data for all datasheets / wargear / stratagems. Data I provide is a set of csv files linked through identifiers. For now export data is being done for the 9th edition 40k. There will be demand for the rest of the games - I will add as far as possible.
The picture below shows an example of how the export data is related to the display of the Terminators page on the site.

Specification with links to all files situated here. The specification text is given in Russian and English.

The files will be updated as the site is updated. Roughly speaking: I corrected an error in the ability - I update files, added a datasheet - I update files. It takes 30 minutes.

The export data can be used to research game mechanics and develop related interfaces. When publishing your work, mentioning Wahapedia is highly recommended. For example, with the inscription "powered by Wahapedia". And of course, show off your work! Worthy ones I will publish on my Discord server.

If the provided data turned out to be useful to you, consider the opportunity to support the project.

Wahapedian Detachment

The soldiers of the Wahapedian Detachment make up the vast bulk of the Imperial war machine. It is they who lay down their lives on every battlefront to hold the line against tides of mutants, monsters and heretics. Yet even amongst the tragically expendable masses of the Imperial Guard, there are elite warriors that stand ready to deploy.

Those Wahapedia users who have pledged themselves (donated) to build a better future for the Warhammer gaming community, and those who gave their blood (money) to uphold data servitors are worthy of a special honour as part of the Regiment of the site.

Patreon members receive a place in the Wahapedian Detachment according to tiers they have chosen:

TierPledge per month

Company Command Squad
Adeptus Mechanicus
Officio Prefectus
Armoured Company
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Scout Sentinel
Platoon 1
Platoon Command Squad
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 3
Infantry Squad 4
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 1
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 2
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 3
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher 1
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher 2
Heavy Weapons Team
with lascannon
Platoon 2
Platoon Command Squad
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 3
Infantry Squad 4
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon 1
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon 2
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 1
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 2
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 3
Platoon 3
Platoon Command Squad
Infantry Squad 1
Infantry Squad 2
Infantry Squad 3
Infantry Squad 4
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 1
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 2
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon
Artwork by Gray Skull
Company Command Squad
Company CommanderLewys Caiach-Taylor (Officer)
Servo-skullJoseph Blow (KIA)
Officer of the FleetJase Resen (Officer)
EnsignScroogeMcFox (Officer)
Staff OfficerCharles C. Li, M.D. (Officer)
Master of Ordnancemichael Bedford (Officer)
Adeptus Mechanicus
Tech-Priest EnginseerLaufer
Servo-skullWill Frey (KIA)
Servitor Mk INguyễn Thanh Đức (KIA)
Servitor Mk IIMike Earley (KIA)
rick kuhnert (KIA)
Xiphodon (KIA)
Officio Prefectus
Lord CommissarSchark (Officer)
Servo-skullTHE CHAD BRAD (KIA)
Commissaranonbanon (Officer)
Austin Phillips (Officer)
Brett Hundley (Officer)
Thomas Snider (Officer)
Leman Russ Battle Tank
CommanderSimon Gojkovic (Officer)
GunnerVance7 (Tanker)
Driverunangel (Tanker)
LoaderBattleBear (Guardsman)
Sponson GunnerKevin Rutherford (Guardsman)
Piotr Gutaker (Guardsman)
Scout Sentinel
DrivertheJoeCode (Tanker)
Platoon Command Squad
Platoon CommanderDmitry Kletochkin (Officer)
Servo-skullBenjamin Lee (KIA)
EnsignTacticalTortoise (Veteran)
Staff OfficerAaron Nessim (Officer)
Martin Pasko (Officer)
QubitCrook (Officer)
CommanderXylander (Officer)
DriverBrinn Bates (Tanker)
GunnerAmir Johari (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 1
SergeantDemurr (Veteran)
Guardsman with meltagunMichał Szałański (Veteran)
Guardsman with plasmagunTheodor Kivistö (Veteran)
Guardsman with flamerKomandarm888 (Veteran)
GuardsmanBernard Anderson (Veteran)
Chris (Veteran)
Dillon (Veteran)
Eric Pettersson (Veteran)
Oliver Williams (Veteran)
Sam Gray (Veteran)
Infantry Squad 2
SergeantJohn H Watson (Veteran)
GuardsmanAlex Button (Guardsman)
Charles Roller (Guardsman)
David Piovesan (Guardsman)
Gilbert Görsdorf (Guardsman)
Harry McDougall (Guardsman)
J B (Guardsman)
Quinn Durlston-Powell (Guardsman)
rick abrams (Guardsman)
Данил Иксанов (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 3
SergeantИлья Гоголев (Veteran)
GuardsmanChristian Nicander (Guardsman)
M.Pfeifer (Guardsman)
Marco Canepa (Guardsman)
Mason Rinehart (Guardsman)
Moritz Witt (Guardsman)
Nordwulf (Guardsman)
Raphael D (Guardsman)
Дмитрий Фисенко (Guardsman)
秋彦 佐藤 (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 4
SergeantChristopher Dear (Veteran)
GuardsmanAndrea Ascione (Guardsman)
hongyong park (Guardsman)
Joris Falip (Guardsman)
Marcin M Michalek (Guardsman)
Miles Bartnik (Guardsman)
Peter Henderson (Guardsman)
Rob Baer (Guardsman)
Sir Andersen (Guardsman)
Urazel (Guardsman)
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 1
Crew #1Gary Milburn (Guardsman)
Crew #2Shade (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 2
Crew #1Renicane (Guardsman)
Crew #2Barney Iley (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 3
Crew #1Marcus Windus (Conscript)
Crew #2Philipp Gronotte (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher 1
Crew #1CoronelPanic (Guardsman)
Crew #2Mark Eberle (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher 2
Crew #1Tobias D (Guardsman)
Crew #2Mirek Woźniak (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with lascannon
Crew #1Hannes (Guardsman)
Crew #2James B (Conscript)
ConscriptAlexandr Titov (Conscript)
Ben A Ramos (Conscript)
Dan Oughta (Conscript)
Eros Bonazzi (Conscript)
Jake Rowsell (Conscript)
Jonas Kloster Jacobsen (Conscript)
Leon (Conscript)
Qili Guo (Conscript)
Steven Woinoski (Conscript)
StormFalcon1233 (Conscript)
Vorpal Owls Hobby and Art Club (Conscript)
Zachary Gidding (Conscript)
Platoon Command Squad
Platoon CommanderStefan Marmion (Officer)
Servo-skullAducan (KIA)
EnsignBart Wasteels (Veteran)
Staff OfficerRickmisterjoe (Officer)
Saurok963 (Officer)
Stephen Baron (Officer)
CommanderJAy (Officer)
DriverGrant Tabor (Tanker)
GunnerThe Rightful Tyrant, Rurik (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 1
SergeantLuke Perdue (Veteran)
Guardsman with meltagunSam Shazam (Veteran)
Guardsman with plasmagunSean Temple (Veteran)
Guardsman with flamerFilq (Veteran)
GuardsmanAspartam (Veteran)
Denny Wright (Veteran)
Evan MacPhatter (Veteran)
Paul Huebner (Veteran)
Sverre Reikvam (Veteran)
Валерий Михолапов (Veteran)
Infantry Squad 2
SergeantShawn Gately (Veteran)
GuardsmanAenarIT (Guardsman)
Attila (Guardsman)
Bandit_G1 #DBL (Guardsman)
Dan Evans (Guardsman)
David Smisek (Guardsman)
Jonathan Phousirith (Guardsman)
Julien Segura (Guardsman)
TehBenju (Guardsman)
Дмитрий Родди (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 3
SergeantIan Robbins (Veteran)
GuardsmanAndrey Mischenko (Guardsman)
Era Sonata (Guardsman)
Hadar Milner (Guardsman)
Miika Varis (Guardsman)
Paul Street (Guardsman)
Rodelle (Guardsman)
Serhii (Guardsman)
Stephen Warren (Guardsman)
Сергей Белоконь (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 4
SergeantIsaac Berry (Veteran)
GuardsmanBotond Juhász (Guardsman)
CHERON (Guardsman)
Christian Marks (Guardsman)
Dorkfang (Guardsman)
Hunter Glad (Guardsman)
Jonathan Ho (Guardsman)
Ryan Tracey (Guardsman)
Smileynazgul (Guardsman)
Terrain4Print (Guardsman)
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon 1
Crew #1danma (Guardsman)
Crew #2lifegrip (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon 2
Crew #1Jay (Guardsman)
Crew #2Allornone (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 1
Crew #1Ruben Arranz (Guardsman)
Crew #2Nekeyby (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 2
Crew #1Thomas Monti (Guardsman)
Crew #2Alexander KoT (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with mortar 3
Crew #1tyranidwarrior (Guardsman)
Crew #2Metazealot (Conscript)
ConscriptAnthony Aziz (Conscript)
Charper (Conscript)
Daniel Edwards (Conscript)
hrabnaz (Conscript)
Kim Pearson (Conscript)
Liv Lowe (Conscript)
Magdi Dahroug (Conscript)
Mr P (Conscript)
Nikolas Rockney-Finger (Conscript)
Raymond Gonzalez (Conscript)
Ryan Barainyak (Conscript)
Tiki The Troll (Conscript)
Platoon Command Squad
Platoon CommanderIan Orsinger (Officer)
Servo-skullJoshua Van Camp (KIA)
EnsignAndreas Steckmeier (Veteran)
Staff OfficerAlastair Campbell (Officer)
liquidsnake (Officer)
Marcin Jakubowski (Officer)
Infantry Squad 1
SergeantTrusty_Thor (Veteran)
Guardsman with meltagunANDREW SHARTENBERG (Veteran)
Guardsman with plasmagunSigliskovich (Veteran)
Guardsman with flamerAntonik Dern (Veteran)
GuardsmanAdept_rus (Guardsman)
Bagool (Guardsman)
Douglas Lee Pocock (Guardsman)
Michael M (Veteran)
Mike Carr (Guardsman)
Stanislav Krajčovič (Veteran)
Infantry Squad 2
Sergeantmike. (Guardsman)
GuardsmanDerbardin (Conscript)
DhonKokko Burnaby (Conscript)
GrafZahl (Conscript)
Kristoffer Madsen (Guardsman)
Martin Krajcovic (Conscript)
Martin Randuška (Guardsman)
Matthias Flierl (Conscript)
Michael Wells (Guardsman)
Zane (Guardsman)
Infantry Squad 3
SergeantAndre Tcherepnin (Conscript)
GuardsmanAsrienda (Conscript)
Derek Gurban (Conscript)
Isaac Eisenbrey (Conscript)
JayWins (Conscript)
Marco Francischello (Conscript)
Nico Kurmann (Conscript)
The_Duri7 (Conscript)
Tlactar (Conscript)
Tomáš Ivan (Conscript)
Infantry Squad 4
SergeantTyrat (Conscript)
GuardsmanAndrew Vaughan (Conscript)
Christian Weinert (Conscript)
Francois Laubscher (Conscript)
Jeremy Lee (Conscript)
Jiří Hauser (Conscript)
Matt Buxton (Conscript)
Nicholas Lown (Conscript)
Pooty (Conscript)
Stanislav Shimuk (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 1
Crew #1Quinton Potovszky (Conscript)
Crew #2Gareth Turner (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with heavy bolter 2
Crew #1Grant Kirkland (Conscript)
Crew #2Hansack Sebastian (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with missile launcher
Crew #1Koziołek (Conscript)
Crew #2Bob McHenry (Conscript)
Heavy Weapons Team
with autocannon
Crew #1Edward Harman (Conscript)
Crew #2Calvin Sands (Conscript)
ConscriptChris (Conscript)
EllTee (Conscript)
Esher (Conscript)
Espen Pettersen (Conscript)
gorkson morkson (Conscript)
gundam (Conscript)
James Bonnell (Conscript)
Marcus Cross (Conscript)
Samuel Green (Conscript)
stinky nurgle (Conscript)
Travis McDermott (Conscript)
KIAAlexey Platkovsky (KIA)
Alexey Sidorenko (KIA)
AnonymousJoe (KIA)
camzi11a (KIA)
Conor Sheehy (KIA)
David Kraytsberg (KIA)
David Paton (KIA)
dix_huit (KIA)
Doug Stalker (KIA)
Genytor (KIA)
Harold Hayward (KIA)
Isaac Lichtenstein (KIA)
Ivan Rudik (KIA)
lordcenzin (KIA)
Milo Self (KIA)
Mr Ektor (KIA)
Nate (KIA)
Ryan Renna (KIA)
Serge (KIA)
Serge Krylov (KIA)
Sp (KIA)
Stephen Godwin (KIA)
Stewart Robertson (KIA)
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Trollballz (KIA)
Troy Gregson (KIA)
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Victor Westeraa (KIA)
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