T’au Empire – DX4 Technical Drones
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DX4 Technical Drones

DX4 Technical Drone (base: 32mm flying base)
DX4 Technical Drone
8"5+5+342164+32mm flying base
If this unit contains between 3 and 4 models, it has Power Rating 4. If this unit contains between 5 and 6 models, it has Power Rating 6. If this unit contains between 7 and 8 models, it has Power Rating 8. If this unit contains 9 or more models, it has Power Rating 10. Every model is equipped with: defensive charge.
Defensive charge
Defensive charge
Assault 1
For the Greater Good
Saviour Protocols: When resolving an attack made against a <SEPT> INFANTRY or <SEPT> BATTLESUIT unit whilst that unit is within 3" of a friendly <SEPT> DRONES unit, if the wound roll is successful, you can roll one D6; on a 2+ that DRONES unit suffers 1 mortal wound and the attack sequence ends.
Multi-function Surveyor: In your Command phase, select one of the following protocols for this unit to perform:
  • Repair Protocol: This unit can repair one friendly <SEPT> BATTLESUIT model within 3" of it. That BATTLESUIT model regains up to D3 lost wounds. Each model can only be repaired once per turn.
  • Surveillance Protocol: Select one enemy unit within 12" of this unit. Until the end of the turn, that enemy unit does not receive the benefits of Light Cover.
Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat.
If a unit includes any models equipped with Assault weapons, that unit is still eligible to shoot with in your Shooting phase even if it has Advanced this turn, but you can only resolve attacks using those Assault weapons when you select that unit to shoot with. If a model shoots an Assault weapon in the same turn in which its unit has Advanced, subtract 1 from hit rolls when resolving that weapon’s attacks.

  • Can be shot even if firing model’s unit Advanced.
  • Subtract 1 from hit rolls if the firing model’s unit Advanced.
For the Greater Good

The greatest proof of the superiority of the T’au’va is the sight of a hundred pulse rifles firing in unison.

  • Each time an enemy unit declares a charge against this unit, this unit can fire Overwatch before the charge roll is made.
  • While a friendly unit with this ability is within 6" of this unit, each time an enemy unit declares a charge against this unit, that friendly unit can fire Overwatch before the charge roll is made. If it does so, until the end of the phase, that friendly unit cannot fire Overwatch again.
Designer’s Note: This allows T’au units to fire Overwatch in the same way that they did in the previous edition, and as such, units with this ability do not require the Fire Overwatch Stratagem from the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book in order to do so.
Mortal Wounds
Some attacks inflict mortal wounds – these are so powerful that no armour or force field can withstand their fury. Each mortal wound inflicts 1 point of damage on the target unit, and they are always applied one at a time. Do not make a wound roll or saving throw (including invulnerable saves) against a mortal wound – just allocate it as you would any other attack and inflict damage to a model in the target unit. Unlike damage inflicted by normal attacks, excess damage from mortal wounds is not lost. Instead, keep allocating damage to another model in the target unit until either all the damage has been allocated or the target unit is destroyed.

If an attack inflicts mortal wounds in addition to the normal damage, resolve the normal damage first. If an attack inflicts mortal wounds in addition to the normal damage, but the normal damage is subsequently saved, the target unit still suffers the mortal wounds, as described before. If an ability modifies the damage inflicted by a weapon, and that weapon can inflict mortal wounds in addition to the normal damage, the modifier does not apply to any mortal wounds that are inflicted (unless the rule specifically states otherwise).

  • Each mortal wound inflicted on a unit causes one model in the unit to lose one wound.
  • No saving throws can be made against mortal wounds.
  • Mortal wounds inflicted by attacks in addition to normal damage always apply, even if normal damage saved.
Light Cover
When an attack made with a ranged weapon wounds a model that is receiving the benefits of cover from this terrain feature, add 1 to the saving throw made against that attack (invulnerable saving throws are not affected).

  • +1 to saving throws against ranged weapons.
  • Invulnerable saving throws unaffected.
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