Chaos Daemons – Skull Altar
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Skull Altar

Skull Altar (base: Use model)
Skull Altar
- - - 6 8 9 - 7 4+/4+ Use model
A Skull Altar has no equipment.
Witchbane (Aura): While a PSYKER unit is within 18" of this model, subtract 2 from Psychic tests taken for that unit.
War Altar: While a model is embarked within this TRANSPORT model, this TRANSPORT model has the same aura abilities as the embarked model.
Ritual Slaughter: While there is a model embarked within this TRANSPORT model, this TRANSPORT model can attempt the following action:

Ritual Slaughter (Action): At the end of your Movement phase, this model can start to perform this action. The action is completed at the end of your next Charge phase. Once completed, roll one D6 for each LEGIONES DAEMONICA KHORNE unit from your army within 12" of this model and within Engagement Range of any enemy units: for each 4+, gain 1 Warp Storm point.
This model has a transport capacity of 1 KHORNE INFANTRY HERALD model.

Datasheet-related Stratagems

Legiones Daemonica – Boarding Actions – Strategic Ploy Stratagem

Many daemons can shift their forms at will, drawing on the powers of the warp to manifest new weapons, powers and otherworldly abilities in the blink of an eye.

Use this Stratagem in your Command phase. Select one LEGIONES DAEMONICA model from your army that has any Enhancements. You can replace one of that model’s Enhancements with another. Select an Enhancement as normal and replace one of this model’s existing Enhancements with it. If that new Enhancement has an effect which takes place at a specific point in the battle which has already passed, that Enhancement has no effect.
Legiones Daemonica – Boarding Actions – Strategic Ploy Stratagem

Daemons are not mortal creatures, their forms shifting between the warp and realspace, passing through solid barriers with ease.

Use this Stratagem in your Movement phase, when a LEGIONES DAEMONICA unit from your army is selected to make a Normal Move. When making that move, models in that unit can move within Engagement Range of enemy models, and can move through models, walls and closed Hatchways, but cannot move more than 6" and cannot end their move within any of these, nor within Engagement Range of any enemy models. You can only use this Stratagem once.
Engagement Range
Engagement Range represents the zone of threat that models present to their enemies. While a model is within 1" horizontally and 5" vertically of an enemy model, those models are within Engagement Range of each other. While two enemy models are within Engagement Range of each other, those models’ units are also within Engagement Range of each other. Models cannot be set up within Engagement Range of enemy models.

  • Engagement Range: 1" horizontally + 5" vertically.
  • Models cannot be set up within Engagement Range of enemy models.
Daemonic Invulnerability

Daemons are madness given form. Their very bodies are fashioned from the stuff of the warp, and are difficult to destroy through conventional means. By far the surest way to banish them, short of ritual witchery, is to fight them at close quarters where a warrior’s conviction and faith may strike as surely as their blade.

Instead of a normal Save characteristic as described in the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book, each LEGIONES DAEMONICA datasheet has a Daemonic Save characteristic (abbreviated to DSv on that datasheet’s profile line). This characteristic has two values. The first characteristic is used when a melee attack is allocated to that model, while the second characteristic is used when a ranged attack is allocated to that model. In either case, this saving throw cannot be modified in any way.
Allegiance Keywords
Most of the datasheets in this book have an Allegiance keyword. The following are Allegiance keywords:
If a unit instead has the Faction keyword, then when you add that unit to your army, you must select one of the listed Allegiance keywords above and replace the keyword in all instances on that Datasheet with the selected Allegiance keyword.

Example: If you include a Daemon Prince in your army, and you decide it is a Daemon Prince of Khorne, its keyword becomes KHORNE and its Prince of Chaos ability reads, ‘While a friendly LEGIONES DAEMONICA KHORNE CORE unit is within 6" of this model, each time a model in that unit makes an attack, re-roll a hit roll of 1.’

Daemonic legions tear through the fabric of realspace, malevolent entities flickering into being like phantasms from a nightmare. Worse still, as terror and panic take hold of their victims, so their mortal souls become ever easier prey for the entities pouring through from the warp.

During deployment, you can set up this unit in the warp instead of setting it up on the battlefield. If you do so, then in the Reinforcements step of one of your Movement phases you can set up this unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models, or more than 6" away from any enemy models and wholly within 6" of a friendly WARP LOCUS model that was on the battlefield at the start of your turn. If that WARP LOCUS model has an Allegiance keyword, the unit being set up can only use this ability if it has the same Allegiance keyword.

If every unit from your army has the LEGIONES DAEMONICA keyword, then in the Reinforcements step of one of your Movement phases you can instead set up this unit anywhere on the battlefield with one of the following restrictions:
  • Wholly within your deployment zone and more than 3" away from any enemy models.
  • Neither wholly within your deployment zone nor within your opponent’s deployment zone, and more than a number of inches away from each enemy unit, equal to the current Leadership characteristic of that enemy unit (to a minimum of 3" and a maximum of 9").
Daemonic Terror (Aura)

To encounter a creature of the warp is to face a being utterly anathema to the fundamental laws of reality. Even the most emotionless warrior feels an unnatural primal terror while in their presence.

While an enemy unit is within 6" of this unit, subtract 1 from that enemy unit’s Leadership characteristic and subtract 1 from any Combat Attrition tests taken for that enemy unit.
Warp Storm

When daemons pour into realspace, maelstroms of warp energy spill through in their wake. Manifest emotion and unbridled, nightmarish energies twist all that they touch, reshaping the landscape into bizarre forms and tormenting mortal beings.

This ability can be used to apply Warp Storm effects to eligible units from your army.
This unit has the following abilities: Daemonic Invulnerability; Manifestation; Daemonic Terror; Warp Storm.
Psychic Tests
When a PSYKER unit attempts to manifest a psychic power, you must take a Psychic test for that unit by rolling 2D6. If the total is equal to or greater than that power’s warp charge value, the Psychic test is passed. If you roll a double 1 or a double 6 when taking a Psychic test, that unit immediately suffers Perils of the Warp.

  • Psychic test: Passed if 2D6 equals or exceeds psychic power’s warp charge.
  • If double 1 or double 6 rolled, PSYKER suffers Perils of the Warp.
Normal Move
When a unit makes a Normal Move, each model in that unit can move a distance in inches equal to or less than the Move (M) characteristic shown on its datasheet, but no model can be moved within Engagement Range of enemy models.

  • Normal Move: Models move up to M".
  • Cannot move within Engagement Range of any enemy models.
Aura Abilities
Some abilities affect models or units in a given range – these are aura abilities. A model with an aura ability is always within range of its effect. The effects of multiple, identically named aura abilities are not cumulative (i.e. if a unit is within range of two models with the same aura ability, that aura ability only applies to the unit once).

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