Maggotkin of Nurgle – Nurgle’s Menagerie
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Warscroll Battalion

Nurgle’s Menagerie

From the festering depths of Nurgle’s realm, his filthsome pretties spill forth. Loping on bloated limbs or ploughing through the air on buzzing wings, these abominations obey the croaked commands of Horticulous Slimux, burying their victims in an avalanche of rancid flesh and lethal ebullience.
Nurgle’s Menagerie consists of the following units:
 • 1 Horticulous Slimux
 • 3 units of Beasts of Nurgle
 • Up to 3 units chosen in any combination from the following list:
  - Plague Drones
  - Beasts of Nurgle
  - Nurglings

Unit Size: -      Points: 180
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Assistant Gardeners: Horticulous Slimux can use his Cultivating the Garden of Nurgle ability in each of your hero phases instead of only once per battle. In addition, when he does so, the Feculent Gnarlmaw can be set up within 3" of any unit from this battalion instead of being set up within 3" of Horticulous Slimux.

Utterly Revolting Horde: Subtract 1 from the Bravery characteristic of enemy units while they are within 14" of 7 or more models from this battalion.
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