Fyreslayers – Grand Fyrd
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Warscroll Battalion

Grand Fyrd

When the war anvils ring to the sound of a great battle, the Runefather will form a Grand Fyrd, gathering up the warriors of his lodge into a mighty host of berserk fighters to sweep away his foes. With so many warriors honouring Grimnir with such frenetic energy, the golden glow of ur-gold blazes with a bright new intensity.
A Grand Fyrd consists of the following battalions:
 • 1 Lords of the Lodge
 • 2 Warrior Kinbands
 • 1 Forge Brethren
 • 0-1 Doomseekers
 • 0-1 Grimwrath Berzerkers

Unit Size: -      Points: 60
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Blazing Runes: Amidst the collective surge of aggression of a Grand Fyrd, the ur-gold runes of the Fyreslayers are more easily stoked to full power, burning with the might of Grimnir.
If your army includes this warscroll battalion, when you roll to activate an ur-gold rune, it has the enhanced effect on the roll of a 5+ instead of on a 6.
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