Flesh-eater Courts – Cannibal Court

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Warscroll Battalion

Cannibal Court

Upon scenting the fresh meat of an enemy army, an entire court is roused to frenzy. Packs of mordants scrabble behind snarling courtiers, who in turn flock to the maddened howls of the abhorrants, and as one they surge across the land in search of their next gruesome feast.
A Cannibal Court consists of the following warscroll battalions:
 • 1 Royal Family
 • 1 Attendants at Court
 • 1 Deadwatch
 • 1 Abattoir
 • 1 Ghoul Patrol
 • 1 King’s Ghouls
 • 1 Royal Mordants
 • 1 Royal Menagerie

Unit Size: -      Points: 60
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion
Base size:


Dark Master: The supreme ruler of a court can summon forth minions and sycophants from across his domain at will.
If your general is an ABHORRANT ARCHREGENT or ABHORRANT GHOUL KING from this battalion, treat their warscroll as having the command abilities found on the warscrolls of any other units included in this battalion.

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The ABHORRANT GHOUL KING keyword is used in the following Flesh-eater Courts warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
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