Disciples of Tzeentch – Fate Legion
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Warscroll Battalion

Fate Legion

As they burst forth from the Impossible Fortress, the manic cackling of the Fate Legion fills their enemies with dread. None but those embraced by change can know what they plan to unleash – only that it will not end well.
 • 1 Overseer’s Fate-twisters warscroll battalion
 • 8 warscroll battalions in any combination chosen from the following list:
- Warpflame Host
- Multitudinous Host
- Aether-eater Host
- Changehost

Unit Size: -      Points: 80
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


‘Three times three, the offerings be’: The sacred number of Tzeentch, writ large within the fabric of the Fate Legion, draws one of the many thousands of eyes of their patron – and with it, his favour.
If your army includes this battalion, you start the battle with 9 Fate Points.
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