Stormcast Eternals – Soulstrike Brotherhood
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Warscroll Battalion

Soulstrike Brotherhood

The Sacrosanct Chambers are unparalleled in the destruction of arcane foes, while the Vanguard Chambers are the finest hunters at Sigmar’s command. When they work in concert, the Rangers lend surety and swiftness to their mystic kindred – and sudden retribution is brought to those foes whom simple blades cannot slay.
A Soulstrike Brotherhood consists of the following units:
 • 2 units of Vanguard-Hunters*
 • 2 units of Castigators
 • 1 Celestar Ballista
* Both units of Vanguard-Hunters must include a model carrying an Astral Compass.

Unit Size: -      Points: 120
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Interception Force: When Stormcast Rangers come across a threat that requires overwhelming force to defeat, they can call upon the forces of a Sacrosanct Chamber to destroy that foe with celestially charged firepower.
If any units of VANGUARD-HUNTERS from this battalion were on the battlefield at the start of a turn in which a reserve SACROSANCT unit from the same battalion is set up on the battlefield for the first time, add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of missile weapons used by that SACROSANCT unit in that turn.

The VANGUARD-HUNTERS keyword is used in following Stormcast Eternals warscrolls:

Reserves are units that are part of your army, but which have an ability that allows you to set them up in a location other than on the battlefield and deploy them later once the battle has begun. Setting up a reserve unit is not considered a move for the unit, but it may restrict a unit’s ability to move in the same turn. Any reserves that have not been set up when the battle ends are treated as if they had been slain when you are working out which side won the battle.
Missile Weapons
In order to attack with a missile weapon, the model using the weapon must be in range of the target unit (i.e. within the maximum distance, in inches, of the Range listed for the weapon making the attack), and the target unit must be visible to the model with the weapon (if unsure, stoop down and look from behind the shooting model to see if a model from the target unit is visible). For the purposes of determining visibility, a model can see through other models in its unit.

Some missile weapons have a Range characteristic with a minimum range, for example 6"-48". Such weapons cannot attack units that are wholly within the shorter range.
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