Stormcast Eternals – Grand Convocation
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Warscroll Battalion

Grand Convocation

A Grand Convocation consists of the following units:
 • 1 Lord-Exorcist
 • 2+ Knights-Incantor

Unit Size: -      Points: 130
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


This warscroll battalion can be used in following warscroll battalions:
 • Sacrosanct Chamber


Powers Combined: When warrior-mages combine their might, Sigmar’s storm boils ever more violent, and their powers grow in kind.
Add 1 to casting rolls for WIZARDS from this battalion while they are wholly within 9" of two or more other WIZARDS from the same battalion.
Casting and Unbinding Spells
A WIZARD can attempt to cast spells in its own hero phase. You cannot attempt to cast the same spell more than once in the same turn (even with a different wizard).

In order to cast a spell, first say which spell the wizard is going to attempt to use (it must be one they know). To cast the spell, roll 2D6. If the total is equal to or greater than the casting value of the spell, the spell is successfully cast.

If a spell is cast, the opposing player can choose one of their WIZARDS that is within 30" of the caster to attempt to unbind the spell before its effects are applied. To unbind a spell, roll 2D6. If the roll beats the roll used to cast the spell, then the spell is not successfully cast. Only one attempt can be made to unbind a spell.
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