Stormcast Eternals – Exemplar Chamber
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Warscroll Battalion

Exemplar Chamber

Exemplar Chambers are composed of only the most stalwart warriors, and the lords that command them lead their elite forces into the dark heart of battle without trepidation. Should one of their number fall, the others will fight twice as hard to win revenge. In theory, there is no foe they cannot overcome, no matter its size or ferocity. Each of the chamber’s Paladins wields a two-handed weapon so massive a normal man could not hope to lift it; in the hands of a Stormcast Eternal, these relics of war can fell mutated giants and titanic spawn alike.
An Exemplar Chamber consists of the following warscroll battalions:
 • 1 Lords of the Storm
 • 3 Devastation Brotherhoods

Unit Size: -      Points: 80
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Martial Bond: The warriors that fight together in an Exemplar Chamber share a strong bond; should they witness a comrade’s destruction at the hands of the enemy, they will redouble their efforts to seek revenge.
If a unit from this battalion is destroyed in the combat phase, pick another unit from the same battalion. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of that unit’s melee weapons for the rest of the battle. A unit cannot be picked to benefit from this ability more than once per battle.
Melee Weapons
In order to make an attack with a melee weapon, a model must be in range of the target unit.
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