Skaventide – Skritch Spiteclaw
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Skritch Spiteclaw

Skritch Spiteclaw is a particularly cunning skaven warlord who has assembled an impressive horde of cut-throat vermin to serve his will. Though he prefers that his minions fight and die on his behalf, when cornered, Skritch becomes a whirling dervish of spiked steel and ripping claws.
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Wicked Halberd
Wicked Halberd2"33+3+-1D3

Unit Size: 1      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Leader
Notes: Unique. Skritch Spiteclaw and Spiteclaw’s Swarm must be taken as a set for a total of 140 points. Although taken as a set, each is a separate unit.


Skritch Spiteclaw is a named character that is a single model. He is armed with a Wicked Halberd.


There are Always More: Skaven warlords gladly hurl their warriors into the blades of the enemy, content in the knowledge that there are always more Clanrat lives to sacrifice.
At the start of your hero phase, if this model is within 13" of a friendly SPITECLAW’S SWARM, you can return D3 slain models to that unit (you cannot return Krrk the Almost-trusted). Set up the returning models one at a time within 1" of a model from that unit (this can be a model you returned to the unit earlier in the same phase). Returning models can only be set up within 3" of an enemy unit if one or more models from the same unit are already within 3" of that enemy unit.


Gnash-gnaw on their Bones!: At a Clawlord’s command, his minions hurl themselves at the foe.
You can use this command ability at the start of the combat phase. If you do so, pick 1 friendly CLANS VERMINUS unit wholly within 13" of a friendly model with this command ability. Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of melee weapons used by that unit in that phase. You cannot pick the same unit to benefit from this ability more than once per phase.


The SPITECLAW’S SWARM keyword is used in following Skaventide warscrolls:

Command Abilities
If you have any HEROES in your army, you can use command abilities. Some command abilities are available to all armies, like the three on the right, while others are specific to certain models and appear on their warscroll. Some of these command abilities can only be used if that model is your general; when this is the case, it will be noted in the rules for the command ability.

In order to use any command ability you must spend 1 command point. You start the battle with 1 command point for each warscroll battalion you have in your army. In addition, you receive 1 command point at the start of each of your hero phases. You can use the same command ability several times in the same phase as long as you have enough command points to do so. Any command points you do not use can be used in a future turn. A command ability will usually specify when it is used; if it does not, it is used in your hero phase.

The CLANS VERMINUS keyword is used in following Skaventide warscrolls:

Leader, Behemoth
Melee Weapons
In order to make an attack with a melee weapon, a model must be in range of the target unit.

The CLAWLORD keyword is used in following Skaventide warscrolls:

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