Seraphon – Razordon Hunting Pack
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Razordon Hunting Pack

A Razordon’s back and tail are covered in a thick layer of sharp spines that can be ejected with a muscular spasm. These qualities make the beasts adept at defending key sites, for they take bestial delight in pincushioning any who stray too close.
MISSILE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Volley of Spikes
Volley of Spikes18"2D63+4+-1
MELEE WEAPONSRangeAttacksTo HitTo WoundTo WndRendDamageDmg
Spiked Tail
Spiked Tail1"33+3+-22
Celestite Goad
Celestite Goad1"14+5+-1

Unit Size: 4 - 12      Points: 80
Battlefield Role: None


A Razordon Hunting Pack has any number of Skink Handler models, each armed with a Celestite Goad.

RAZORDONS: 1 in every 4 models in this unit must be a Razordon instead of a Skink Handler. A Razordon has a Wounds characteristic of 3 instead of 1 and is armed with a Volley of Spikes and Spiked Tail instead of a Celestite Goad.


Instinctive Defence: Razordons are highly territorial beasts, quick to unleash a storm of barbed spines when threatened.
If there are any enemy units within 3" of this unit at the end of the charge phase, and no enemy units were within 3" of this unit at the start of that phase, each Razordon in this unit can make a shooting attack with its Volley of Spikes but the Attacks characteristic for that attack is D6 instead of 2D6.

Piercing Barbs: The volleys of spikes unleashed by a Razordon are especially dangerous at short range.
Improve the Rend characteristic by 1 for an attack made with a Volley of Spikes if the distance to the target is 6" or less.

Charge roll, charge move
Any of your units within 12" of the enemy in your charge phase can attempt to make a charge move. Pick an eligible unit and make a charge roll for it by rolling 2D6. Each model in the unit can move a number of inches equal to the charge roll. You cannot make a charge move with a unit that has run or retreated earlier in the turn, or with a unit that is within 3" of an enemy unit.

The first model you move from a unit making a charge move must finish the move within ½" of an enemy model (you do not have to pick the target for the charge before making the charge roll). If that’s impossible, or you decide not to make the charge move, the charge fails and no models in the unit can move in this phase.

Once all models in one unit have made their charge moves, you can pick another eligible unit to make a charge attempt, until all units that you want to make charge attempts have done so.

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