Dark AngelsDeathwing Knights

Deathwing Knights

Deathwing Knight
4‑9Deathwing Knight 5" 3+ 3+ 4 4 2 2 8 2+
Knight Master
1Knight Master 5" 3+ 3+ 4 4 2 3 9 2+
This unit contains 4 Deathwing Knights and 1 Knight Master. It can include up to 5 additional Deathwing Knights (Power Rating +11).
 • Each Deathwing Knight is armed with a mace of absolution and a storm shield.
 • The Knight Master is armed with a flail of the Unforgiven and a storm shield.
Flail of the Unforgiven
Flail of the Unforgiven
Excess damage from this weapon is not lost; instead, keep allocating damage to another model in the target unit until either all the damage has been allocated or the target unit is destroyed.
Excess damage from this weapon is not lost; instead, keep allocating damage to another model in the target unit until either all the damage has been allocated or the target unit is destroyed.
Mace of absolution
Mace of absolution
 • This unit may be accompanied by a Watcher in the Dark.
Angels of Death, Inner Circle

Combat Squads: Before any models are deployed at the start of the game, a unit of Deathwing Knights that contains 10 models may be split into two units, each containing 5 models.

Teleport Strike: During deployment, you can set up this unit in a teleportarium chamber instead of setting it up on the battlefield. If you do, at the end of one of your Movement phases you can set up this unit anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" away from any enemy models.

Storm Shield:
A model with a storm shield has a 3+ invulnerable save.

Watcher in the Dark:
Once per game, if an enemy psychic power affects a unit of Deathwing Knights that is accompanied by a Watcher in the Dark, roll a dice. On a 3+ the power has no effect on this unit (all other targets are affected normally). Remove the Watcher in the Dark model from play after this roll has been made, whether successful or not.

The Watcher in the Dark must remain as close to this unit as possible, but is otherwise ignored for all other gaming purposes. Remove the Watcher in the Dark if this unit is slain. The Watcher in the Dark does not count as a model for the purposes of the Combat Squads ability. If a unit of Deathwing Knights is split, the Watcher in the Dark must accompany one of the units.
Does not include wargear
Select Weapon
When a model makes a close combat attack, it must do so using a melee weapon (i.e. a weapon that has the ‘Melee’ type). The weapons a model is equipped with are described on its datasheet. If a model is not equipped with any melee weapons, or if it cannot make an attack with any of the melee weapons it is equipped with, then that model makes its attacks using a close combat weapon, which has the following profile:

Close combat weaponMeleeMeleeUser01

If a model has more than one melee weapon, select which it will use before resolving any attacks. If a model has more than one melee weapon and can make several attacks, it can split them between these weapons however you wish – declare which attacks are being made with which weapons before any attacks are resolved. If the selected weapon has more than one profile that you must choose between, you must declare which profile is being used at the same time. Different attacks made with such a weapon can be made using different profiles if you wish.

If your unit is making attacks with more than one melee weapon against a unit, and those weapons have different characteristics profiles, then after you have resolved an attack with one of those weapons you must, if any other weapons with the same characteristics profile are also being used to make attacks against that unit, resolve those attacks before resolving any attacks against the target with a weapon that has a different characteristics profile. Note that all the attacks you have declared are always resolved against the target unit even if, when you come to resolve an individual attack, no models in the target unit remain in range (this can happen because of models being destroyed and removed from the battlefield as the result of resolving other attacks made by the attacking model’s unit first).

  • Each close combat attack is made with a melee weapon.
  • A model makes attacks using the close combat weapon profile if it has no other melee weapons.
  • If a unit attacks with multiple weapons, all attacks made with weapons that have the same profile must be resolved before resolving attacks with the next.
Angels of Death

The Adeptus Astartes are amongst the finest warriors in the Imperium.

This unit has the following abilities: And They Shall Know No Fear, Bolter Discipline, Shock Assault and Combat Doctrines.

The Fallen keyword is used in following Chaos Space Marines datasheets:

Inner Circle

Those with true knowledge of the Unforgiven’s quest for absolution are veteran warriors who fear nothing as much as failing in their Chapter’s secret hunt for the Fallen.

This unit automatically passes Morale tests. In addition, you can re-roll failed hit rolls in the Fight phase for attacks by this unit that target a FALLEN unit.
Saving Throw
The player commanding the target unit then makes one saving throw by rolling one D6 and modifying the roll by the Armour Penetration (AP) characteristic of the weapon that the attack was made with. For example, if the weapon has an AP of -1, then 1 is subtracted from the saving throw roll. If the result is equal to, or greater than, the Save (Sv) characteristic of the model the attack was allocated to, then the saving throw is successful and the attack sequence ends. If the result is less than the model’s Save characteristic, then the saving throw fails and the model suffers damage. An unmodified roll of 1 always fails.
Invulnerable Saves
Some models have an invulnerable save. Each time an attack is allocated to a model with an invulnerable save, you can choose to use either its normal Save (Sv) characteristic or its invulnerable save, but not both. If a model has more than one invulnerable save, it can only use one of them – choose which it will use. If you use a model’s invulnerable save, it is never modified by a weapon’s Armour Penetration value.

  • Invulnerable save: Saving throw that is never modified by attacking weapon’s AP.
  • A model with an invulnerable save can use it instead of its normal Sv.
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