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T’au EmpireTactical Drones

Tactical Drones

MV1 Gun Drone 8" 5+ 5+ 3 4 1 1 6 4+
MV4 Shield Drone 8" 5+ 5+ 3 4 1 1 6 4+
MV7 Marker Drone 8" 5+ 5+ 3 4 1 1 6 4+
This unit contains 4 Tactical Drones. It can include up to 4 additional Tactical Drones (Power Rating +2), or up to 8 additional Tactical Drones (Power Rating +4). Each Drone in the unit must be either an MV1 Gun Drone armed with two pulse carbines, an MV4 Shield Drone or an MV7 Marker Drone armed with a markerlight. Note that this datasheet is also used for Tactical Drones that accompany many T’au Empire units (see Drone Support, below).
Heavy 1
Pulse carbine
Assault 2
For the Greater Good

Manta Strike: During deployment, you can set up this unit in a Manta hold instead of placing them on the battlefield. At the end of any of your Movement phases, they can use a Manta strike to enter the fray – set them up anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9" from any enemy models.

Saviour Protocols: When resolving an attack made against a <SEPT> INFANTRY or <SEPT> BATTLESUIT unit whilst that unit is within 3" of a friendly <SEPT> DRONES unit, if the wound roll is successful, you can roll one D6; on a 2+ that DRONES unit suffers 1 mortal wound and the attack sequence ends.

Stable Platform: Marker Drones do not suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons.

Shield Generator: Shield Drones have a 4+ invulnerable save. In addition, roll a D6 each time a DRONE with this ability loses a wound; on a 5+ that Drone does not lose a wound.

Drone Support: Tactical Drones often accompany other T’au Empire units. In such instances, a unit’s datasheet will instruct you if, and how many, Tactical Drones may accompany it. Tactical Drones included in your army in this way have the Battlefield Role of the unit they accompany.

When a unit is set up on the battlefield, any accompanying Drones must be placed in unit coherency with it. From that point onwards, the accompanying Drones are treated as a separate unit.

Threat Identification Protocols: In the Shooting phase, Gun Drones can only target the nearest visible enemy unit. If two units are equally close, you can choose which is targeted.

This datasheet has Fast Attack Battlefield Role. Full list of T’au Empire units sharing same Battlefield Role follows:

Includes wargear

Markerlight used in following datasheets:

Hit Roll
Each time a model makes an attack, roll a dice. If the roll is equal to or greater than the attacking model’s Ballistic Skill characteristic, then it scores a hit with the weapon it is using. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. A roll of 1 always fails, irrespective of any modifiers that may apply.
Saving Throw
The player commanding the target unit then makes a saving throw by rolling a dice and modifying the roll by the Armour Penetration characteristic of the weapon that caused the damage. For example, if the weapon has an Armour Penetration of -1, then 1 is subtracted from the saving throw roll. If the result is equal to, or greater than, the Save characteristic of the model the wound was allocated to, then the damage is prevented and the attack sequence ends. If the result is less than the model’s Save characteristic, then the saving throw fails and the model suffers damage. A roll of 1 always fails, irrespective of any modifiers that may apply.
Terrain and Cover
The battlefields of the far future are littered with terrain features such as ruins, craters and twisted copses. Models can take shelter within such terrain features to gain protection against incoming weapons’ fire.

If a unit is entirely on or within any terrain feature, add 1 to its models’ saving throws against shooting attacks to represent the cover received from the terrain (invulnerable saves are unaffected). Units gain no benefit from cover in the Fight phase.

Heavy weapons are the biggest and deadliest guns on the battlefield, but require reloading, careful set-up or bracing to fire at full effect.

If a model with a Heavy weapon moved in its preceding Movement phase, you must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon this turn.
When you pick a unit to move in the Movement phase, you can declare that it will Advance. Roll a dice and add the result to the Move characteristics of all models in the unit for that Movement phase. A unit that Advances can’t shoot or charge later that turn.

Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat.

A model with an Assault weapon can fire it even if it Advanced earlier that turn. If it does so, you must subtract 1 from any hit rolls made when firing that weapon this turn.

A projected holo-beam illuminates the target, rendering it vulnerable to pinpoint fusillades from supporting units.

If a model (other than a VEHICLE) fires a markerlight, it cannot fire any other weapons in that phase. When a unit is hit by a markerlight, place a counter next to it for the remainder of the phase. The table below describes the benefits T’AU EMPIRE models receive when shooting at a unit that has markerlight counters. All benefits are cumulative.

1You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 for T’AU EMPIRE models attacking this unit.
2Destroyer and seeker missiles fired at this unit use the firing model’s Ballistic Skill (and any modifiers) rather than only hitting on a 6.
3The target unit does not gain any bonus to its saving throws for being in cover.
4T’AU EMPIRE models attacking this unit do not suffer the penalty for moving and firing Heavy weapons or Advancing and firing Assault weapons.
5 or moreAdd 1 to hit rolls for T’AU EMPIRE models attacking this unit.

Pulse carbine used in following datasheets:

For the Greater Good

The greatest proof of the superiority of the T’au’va is the sight of a hundred pulse rifles firing in unison.

When an enemy unit declares a charge, a unit with this ability that is within 6" of one of the charging unit’s targets may fire Overwatch as if they were also targeted. A unit that does so cannot fire Overwatch again in this turn.

The <SEPT> and INFANTRY keywords are used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Fast Attack
Mortal Wounds
Some attacks inflict mortal wounds – these are so powerful that no armour or force field can withstand their fury. Each mortal wound inflicts one point of damage on the target unit. Do not make a wound roll or saving throw (including invulnerable saves) against a mortal wound – just allocate it as you would any other wound and inflict damage to a model in the target unit as described above. Unlike normal attacks, excess damage from attacks that inflict mortal wounds is not lost. Instead keep allocating damage to another model in the target unit until either all the damage has been allocated or the target unit is destroyed.
Invulnerable Saves
Some models possess supernatural reflexes or are protected by force fields that grant them an invulnerable save. Each time a wound is allocated to a model with an invulnerable save, you can choose to use either its normal Save characteristic or its invulnerable save, but not both. If a model has more than one invulnerable save, it can only use one of them – choose which it will use. If you use a model’s invulnerable save, it is never modified by a weapon’s Armour Penetration value.
Units and Unit Coherency
Models move and fight in units, made up of one or more models. A unit must be set up and finish any sort of move as a group, with every model within 2" horizontally, and 6" vertically, of at least one other model from their unit: this is called unit coherency. If anything causes a unit to become split up during a battle, it must re-establish its unit coherency the next time it moves.

The TACTICAL DRONES keyword is used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Fast Attack
Lords of War
Army List
Dedicated Transport
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