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Aun’Shi 6" 2+ 4+ 3 3 5 5 9 -
Aun’Shi is a single model armed with an honour blade. Only one of this model can be included in your army.
Honour blade
Failure Is Not An Option: T’AU EMPIRE units within 6" of a friendly ETHEREAL may use the Ethereal’s Leadership characteristic instead of their own when taking Morale tests.

Shield Generator: Aun’Shi has a 4+ invulnerable save.

Blademaster: At the beginning of each Fight phase, choose one of the following effects to last until the end of the phase:
  • Aun’Shi’s close combat attacks have AP -2.
  • Re-roll failed invulnerable saves for Aun’Shi.

Invocation of the Elements: In your Movement phase, Aun’Shi may invoke one of the elemental powers below. All friendly T’AU EMPIRE INFANTRY and BATTLESUIT units within 6" of the model invoking an elemental power gain the relevant benefit until the start of your next turn. A unit can only be affected by the same elemental power once per battle round.
  • Calm of Tides: Subtract 1 from any Morale tests made for affected units.
  • Storm of Fire: Re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the Shooting phase for affected units that remain stationary in the Movement phase.
  • Sense of Stone: Whenever a model in an affected unit loses a wound, roll a D6; on a 6, that model does not lose that wound.
  • Zephyr’s Grace: You can re-roll the dice for affected units when they Advance.
Academy Luminary: If your Warlord has the Master of War, Volley Fire or Failure is Not an Option ability, the range of that ability is increased to 9". In addition, if your army is Battle-forged, you receive an additional 1 Command Point.
Includes wargear but not Drones

Honour blade used in following datasheets:

Melee Weapon
Each time a model makes a close combat attack, it uses a melee weapon – the weapons a model is equipped with are described on its datasheet. In addition to their other weapons, all models are assumed to be equipped with a close combat weapon, which has the following profile:

Close combat weaponMeleeMeleeUser01

If a model has more than one melee weapon, choose which it will use before rolling the dice. If a model has more than one melee weapon and can make several close combat attacks, it can split its attacks between these weapons however you wish – declare how you will divide the attacks before any dice are rolled.

The ETHEREAL keyword is used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Morale Test

Even the bravest heart may quail when the horrors of battle take their toll.

In the Morale phase, starting with the player whose turn it is, players must take Morale tests for units from their army that have had models slain during the turn.

To take a Morale test, roll a dice and add the number of models from the unit that have been slain this turn. If the result of the Morale test exceeds the highest Leadership characteristic in the unit, the test is failed. For each point that the test is failed by, one model in that unit must flee and is removed from play. You choose which models flee from the units you command.
Invulnerable Saves
Some models possess supernatural reflexes or are protected by force fields that grant them an invulnerable save. Each time a wound is allocated to a model with an invulnerable save, you can choose to use either its normal Save characteristic or its invulnerable save, but not both. If a model has more than one invulnerable save, it can only use one of them – choose which it will use. If you use a model’s invulnerable save, it is never modified by a weapon’s Armour Penetration value.

The T’AU EMPIRE and INFANTRY keywords are used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Fast Attack
Hit Roll
Each time a model makes an attack, roll a dice. If the roll is equal to or greater than the attacking model’s Ballistic Skill characteristic, then it scores a hit with the weapon it is using. If not, the attack fails and the attack sequence ends. A roll of 1 always fails, irrespective of any modifiers that may apply.
When you pick a unit to move in the Movement phase, you can declare that it will Advance. Roll a dice and add the result to the Move characteristics of all models in the unit for that Movement phase. A unit that Advances can’t shoot or charge later that turn.
Master of War

The academies of the Fire caste produce peerless strategists, true masters of the battlefield.

Once per battle, at the beginning of your turn, a single COMMANDER from your army can declare either Kauyon or Mont’ka:

Kauyon: On a turn in which you declare Kauyon, at the start of your Movement phase, you can select any friendly <SEPT> units that are within 6" of the <SEPT> COMMANDER. Until the end of the turn, the selected units cannot move for any reason, but you can re-roll failed hit rolls for attacks made by these units.

Mont’ka: Friendly <SEPT> units within 6" of the COMMANDER can both Advance and shoot as if they hadn’t moved this turn.

Unless stated otherwise, you can only use the Master of War ability once per battle, irrespective of how many models in your army have this ability.

The INFANTRY keyword is used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Fast Attack

The ETHEREAL keyword is used in following T’au Empire datasheets:

Army List
Dedicated Transport
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