Tzeentch – Arcanite Cabal
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Warscroll Battalion

Arcanite Cabal

 • 3-9 models in any combination chosen from the following list:
- Fatemaster
- Tzaangor Shaman

Unit Size: -      Points: 140
Battlefield Role: Warscroll Battalion


Master of the Cult: The cult’s leader wears Tzeentch’s favour like a mantle. To him, the future is a many-branched pathway to be walked at leisure.
After armies have been set up but before the first battle round begins, pick 1 friendly model from this battalion. For the rest of the battle, each time you spend a Destiny Dice to replace a dice roll for that model, roll a dice. On a 2+, you can replace one of your remaining Destiny Dice with that roll.

The MAGISTER keyword is used in following Tzeentch warscrolls:

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